Readers Project: Cindy’s Rag Quilt #2

Cindy has sent through a photo of her 2nd rag quilt that she made for her daughter using multi-colored blocks. I think she has done and amazing job, her quilt looks awesome. Here is a link to Cindy’s first rag quilt. Thank you for sharing your project with us Cindy. 

NOTE From Cindy
Rag quilt # 2 for my daughter … she chose more fabrics than the pattern called for, so as a beginner sewer, it was a big challenge to use 2 fabrics to make one block, but after a few trials and errors, I did it!
I liked ragging the edges, vs a border, like I did on my first one. Learned a lot from quilt # 1… it’s so much fun! I love your videos – they are a tremendous help!”

For my second quilt, I wanted to rag the sides, since the first one I put on a border. I also wanted to do smaller blocks. It was a challenge to figure out a pattern since it was for my daughter, who selected SO many different fabrics. I was able to combine 2 fabrics into one block (that was a learning curve, let me tell ya!). I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

Cindy’s Multcolored Block – Rag Quilt

Multi-Colored Rag Quilt

Keeping in mind that Cindy has only recently started making quilts I think she is doing an amazing job. Her daughter set her a challenge with the second quilt by wanting a variety of different colored blocks, but Cindy figured it out. So don’t be intimidated by quilting, we have lots of helpful tutorial to get you started and in no time at all you will be creating great looking quilts.

Watch the video below to see how to make your own Rag Quilt.