Our Temu Knitting & Crochet Craft Bag Review

In our recent Temu haul we received a number of practical and useful items. We have decided not to do a haul video but instead we will talk about the products as we use them. The first item we reviewed was a bundle of polka dot fabric, and we made a quilt from that bundle.

Now this knitting bag was something I was interested in getting. I have spent years using little knitting bags and this looked to be much more practical. It’s actually a backpack which I think is a great idea, being able to sling the straps over my shoulder, leaving my hands free. Although you can carry it as a bag if you wish.

When we opened the packaging the first thing we noticed was the quality, which was contrary to what we were expecting. We thought for this price it would be a bit cheap and nasty but this is actually pretty good. It’s a nice sturdy bag that stands in place while you fill it up. And fill it up we did. I rounded up the knitting needles and crochet hooks from the odd nooks and crannies from where they were living and placed them in the bag. Next followed the circular needles, sets of 4 sock needles, the row counter, a pattern book and various other bits and pieces.

There is a removable pouch attached to one side and into it I placed the bobbins that I use when knitting fair isle patterns or picture knitting. All nice and neat and more importantly – together in one place.

There is plenty of room for knitting needles in the main body of the bag and the pouches along the bottom make sure they stay neatly in place.

There is a divider that attaches to the inside of the bag by velcro strips. This allows you to separate your balls of wool into different compartments. You can leave the divider out if you want to but just be careful if you are storing wool that isn’t covered. When you don’t have the divider in place the wool will stick to the velcro.

I do love the colour of the bag, it’s a nice grey with contrasting pockets in a nice shade of mauve. The front pocket has a diamond pattern on it and this adds a nice bit of interest and contrast.

In the front pocket I placed crochet hooks. I don’t use a lot of large hooks and the spaces seem to be mainly for larger hooks. However, I placed my fine hooks in the spaces provided and I just doubled up on them. I will work on getting that just right as I go. If anyone has some suggestions they will be most welcome. I’m thinking of putting rubber bands around the smaller hooks. But we shall see.

On the back of the bag there is space for your project book, a tablet/ipad or just a reading book.

There is a pocket on the side with space for a drink bottle.

So all in all you are covered when you take your knitting out and about with you.