10 Minute Christmas Table Runner

Here we are again! It’s time for our annual Christmas Table Runner tutorial. this year’s table runner is once again super easy to make using only two pieces of fabric and yet it looks really lovely. I particularly like the fabric we picked up this year. The inner fabric is Christmas Poinsettia with Gold, and the contrasting outer fabric is called Metallic Milky Way and it just suited out feature fabric beautifully. Both fabrics were bought from our local Spotlight store.

Really these are so easy to make and they will make lovely gifts for family members and friends. Plus you can pick out some gorgeous fabric to dress up your own Christmas table.

Finished Size

  • Length – 39½”
  • Width – 14½”
  • Turnover – 7″

Watch the video below to see how easy this Christmas Table Runner is to make, or scroll down for the step-by-step written instructions.


Well for a start, you only need two pieces of fabric. You may even have pieces left over from previous Christmas projects.

  • Front or Inner piece – One piece of fabric that measures 12” x 41”
  • Back piece – One piece of fabric that measures 18” x 41”


  • The first thing we need to do is take our our front piece and lay it, right sides together, along the edge of the backing fabric.
  • Pin at both ends, give it a tug and pin all the way along the side.

Next we are going to sew the two pieces together with a quarter inch seam.

And here is what that looks like.

Now we are going to do the same on the other side. So again match up the sides and pin and then sew along with a quarter inch seam.


You now have a tube, and you will notice that you have more backing fabric that front fabric. DON’T PANIC. It may seem a little odd but trust me it all comes good in the end.

So now we need to turn it through and as we do this you will see that it the backing fabric forms the borders for us.

Adjust the fabric so that the borders are even on both sides. Just keep adjusting until it looks right and you can always use a ruler to get it perfectly even.

Give the piece a good press to keep everything in place.


We are just about there.

Fold the table runner in half with the front side facing outwards.

Pin along the short end.

Repeat the process on the other end.

Sew along both of the edges with a quarter inch seam. And I did start and end with a back-stitch just to help keep things in place.


This is what it looks with the ends sewn.

Now we just need to turn the ends through. So pull the corner through.

You can see that as we do that it forms a point on the end and gives us a nice contrasting triangle.

Do that on the other end as well

Then adjust the corners so that the seam is nicely centred.

Just use chopstick or a pair of scissors to push at the points. Take care when using your scissors to push out corners as the are sharp and you don’t want to poke a hole through your fabric or stitching. I use an apple corer because it has a nice blunt end, but just use something that won’t tear your fabric.


All we need to do now is pin down the contrasting pieces along the edges on both ends and topstitch them in place with about an eighth of an inch seam. I also start and end with a backstitch, because these seams aren’t going to be caught up in any other seams that would normally hold them in place. So we want to make sure that the stitches are secure and not likely to unravel.

So there you go, you can have a gorgeous table runner made from 2 pieces of fabric in around 10 minutes.