Readers Project: Barbara’s Sheep Panel Quilts

Note from Alanda Craft:  Oh my, aren’t Barbara’s sheep panel quilts just adorable. They will make the perfect gift for a baby shower or a toddler. I am sure these will sell out in a flash. Barbara has finished both quilt with fabric that suits the colors in the panels.

Barbara Says:
I’m going to take part in the next HOA craft fair this fall and wanted to have a few things for people who don’t have a lot of money for quilts but still wanted something cute for a gift for a baby or toddler. These fit the bill. They were easy panel kits.

Sheep Panel Quilt – Pink

The flowers on the border and the fleece tufts on the backing suit the pink quilt perfectly.

Look at how lovely the pink and white fabric frames the panels and Barbara has used the same fabric for the backing so everything comes nicely together.

Barbara's Sheep Panel Quilts

Sheep Panel Quilt – Blue

This blue sheep panel is adorable with it’s wide border featuring the silly sheep and black and white outer border.

Barbara's Sheep Panel Quilt - Blue

The blue backing softens the effect from the black border. I first thought the black would have looked nice on the back but, no, I think the blue goes perfectly. I now feel that perhaps the black would have been too dramatic.

Barbara's Sheep Panel Quilt - Blue

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