Make a Valentine’s Day Card Using the Aufero Laser 2

One of our newest hobbies is laser cutting and engraving and since Valentine’s Day is coming up, we decided to create a Valentine’s Day card from start to finish using our Aufero Laser 2, laser engraving and cutting machine. And here is what we did.

What You Need

  • Laser Machine – We used a 10w Aufero Laser 2 to create our card.
  • 65lb cardstock – pink for background, pale pink for wording, white for sentiment
  • 5½”x5½” cardstock for card base
SVG Files Used – Creative Fabrica

Watch the 60 second video below or scroll down for written instructions


We used Lightburn software for this project.

Engrave the hearts background onto cardstock.

  • Select FILE in Lightburn and import the Hearts background SVG file from your computer.
  • Set the size for your image – we set this at 5½”x5½”.
  • Settings for engraving – Speed 5000/Power 75 (mm/min) If you have a different machine you may need to do a test to check the settings for your machine.
  • Frame the image to ensure it will fit onto the cardstock.
  • Press Start.

Cut out the word ‘Love’

  • Select “A” in the left sidebar. This is the text option.
  • Type ‘Love’ and select the ‘Thick’ font. We found this font on Creative Fabrica. It is a nice flowing font that joins together well.
  • Set the size for your word – we set this at 4½” in width.
  • Select the Line option.
  • Settings for Cutting – Speed 600/Power 40 (mm/min).

Engrave and Cut the Sentiment

  • Select Cardstock colour of your choice.
  • Select “A” in the sidebar for the text option.
  • Type your sentiment – We wrote ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. ( Well we should have but we forgot the apostrophe).
  • Select the Fill option.
  • Settings for Engraving – Speed 3000/ Power 75 (mm/min)
  • Settings to cut out the sentiment – Speed 600/Power 40 (mm/min)

Assemble the Card

  • Take a piece of 100lb cardstock measuring 5½”x11″.
  • Fold it in half and crease the edge with your bone folder. You now have a card that measures 5½”x5½”.
  • Cut your Hearts background cardstock to 5¼”x5¼”.
  • Edge with Vintage Photo or your favorite Distress Ink.
  • Glue the background to the base card, keeping the edges as even as possible.
  • Position the word ‘Love’ to where you like it and attach it to the background. I used 1mm thick foam tape to raise the word off the card.
  • Glue on the sentiment. You can place this where you like.
  • Add further embellishments as you like.