How to Sew A Hexagon Pinwheel Block

Recently we showed you how to create a Hexagon Pinwheel quilt block and we received a lot of requests asking how to sew them together. So here is a quick run down on how we do it.

Start by laying your triangles out in the pattern you want them to look. I have used four hexagons just as an example here but if you were making a big quilt, you would continue laying out more of the triangles to form your complete quilt.

We are not going to sew the hexagons together in hexagon shapes, instead we are going to sew the blocks together into rows. You can see how I have separated the rows out in the image below.

  • Place the first triangle over the second triangle and sew with a quarter inch seam.

  • Do the same with the next triangle.

Continue joining the triangles together along the row until all the triangles are sewn together. Repeat with the second row.

Lay the bottom row over the top row, or the other way around, it’s your choice. Match up the little triangle outcrops, pin and just open the two rows to check that the triangles line up.

Sew the two rows together with a ΒΌ” seam.

pinwheel hexagon quilt block tutorial

Keep repeating this process down the rows until all the triangles are sewn together.

Making Just One Pinwheel Hexagon

If you are making just one hexagonal pinwheel you would sew it in the same way as if you were making a whole row of hexagons.

  • Sew the top three triangles together.
  • Sew the bottom three triangles together
  • Sew the two rows together.

Hexagonal pinwheels make nice quilts, table runners etc. You could even turn one hexagon pinwheel into a hot pad by adding some insulbright to make it heat resistant. So plenty you can do with this lovely quilt block.