The All New XTool F1

What’s Coming Up From xTool?

We’ve heard that there’s a new xTool Laser and Engraving machine coming in 2023, and it looks pretty amazing. It’s super fast, with the added bonus feature of being portable, making it ideal for the home hobbyist. It’s a compact and an attractive looking machine plus it has some awesome features. Read on to learn more…….

Those of you who follow our YouTube Channel and our blog know that we currently have the xTool D1 and the xTool M1 hybrid blade cutter and laser machine, and we love them both. I mean to say, what’s not to love, they are both incredible laser machines that we love working with. And we do have videos on the D1 and the M1 showing what these machines can do. Here is an example where we used the M1 to cut heat transfer vinyl that we then added to some bags using our HTV Ront Heatpress.

Here’ s what we know so far!

This is the new galvanometer – type Laser machine from xTool having a 2W Red Light & 10W Blue Laser. (You can preorder it here.) What this means is that the laser has 2 precision mirror galvanometers which direct the beam giving you extremely high speed marking and engraving capabilities.

So what can I tell you about the F1

Speed – Well the F Stands for FAST

  • It’s a super fast machine with an engraving speed of 3000 mm/s. So your projects are completed quickly.

A World First

  • As I have previously mentioned it’s a world first portable laser engraving machine with a 2W 1064nm infrared Laser & a 10W 455 Blue Laser.

Materials You Can Engrave

With the xTool F1 you can engrave on over 60 plus materials such as:

  • wood
  • leather
  • acrylic
  • most metals
  • slate
  • card stock
  • slate coasters
  • mugs
  • and much more

Just imagine the gifts you can make for family and friends. You can make items to sell at markets and on Etsy. The possibilities are endless. Plus you will have so much fun letting your creativity run wild.

And check out the precision line writing

Easy to Use

  • The laser has a two way focus – auto focus and manual focus
  • The F1 has high accuracy positioning and a position preview function. And the preview speed is an awesome 10,000mm/s – super fast,

Safety Factors

  • There is an enclosed protective shield that protects your eyes and your hands.

NOTE: It is generally recommended that you use safety glasses when using any laser machine. And keep your hands away from the laser when it is working – just common sense, but having the enclosed protective shield makes sure you don’t come in contact with the laser if you have a momentary lapse of judgment.

  • Those of you who are familiar with laser machines know that smoke and fumes are created whenever you cut or engrave a project.
  • The F1 has a Smoke Exhaust Hole that removes smoke that is generated during the laser and engraving process.
  • The smoke is rotated at high speed by the machines fan and discharged through the smoke exhaust hole.


  • It’s easy to pick up and take it with you so that you can do your engraving anywhere, anytime.

Large Processing Area

  • The work surface is 100mm x 100mm, giving you a nice area to cut and engrave your creations.
  • The curved surface can machine a cylinder that has a diameter of 120 mm and a 100mm width. So great for engraving mugs and flasks.

Now doesn’t this sound like a laser machine that you would love to have as an addition to your crafting tools. I know I can’t wait to get one.

Where Can I Order the XTool F1?

Order Now to Be in the First Delivery Cycle

The F1 isn’t available for delivery as yet, and delivery will start in May 2023.

To ease the pain of waiting, I do have some exciting news for you, in that xTool have a crowd funding campaign available that will provide you with very favorable discounts when you buy an F1 Laser before November 30th. And if you buy now you will be one of the first to receive your machine when shipping begins at the beginning of May 2023.

The crowdfunding price will be different as the time gets nearer to release date. So you will be sure to get the best deal when you buy before Nov 30th.