The Best Sewing/Craft Tool Organizer I’ve Seen

I have a lot of sewing tools that are awkward shapes and sizes and I tend to throw everything into a drawer in little IKEA containers. This however, tends to get a messy and it can be a little difficult to find exactly what I’m after without spending time digging around for it.

Does This Look Familiar to You? It Does to Me

Just a jumble of of my craft items looking very messy.

So when I came across a tool organizer that could hold most of these tools, I bought a couple to give them a try. Not only do they keep everything nice and neat they are so handy for those items that tend to roll away, like the ScanNCut stylus.

Where Can I Buy these Tool Organizers?

Watch the Video Below to See How it Works

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I have two of these caddies, one for small sewing tools and one for my paper craft tools.

You can see here that I have my Circuit items, Tim Holtz scissors, ScanNCut stylus. In one of them. I know that you can store the Circuit and ScanNCut items with the machine but I tend to lose them anyhow. So I now store them in the tool organizer and I know exactly where they are.

These caddies are very sturdy, so they won’t topple over. They have a white plastic base with a flexible silicone top. And its the silicone pockets that hold your tools upright.

If at any stage you need to clean the organizer, the silicone layer pulls off easily. Give it a rinse, let it dry completely and pop it back into place on the base.

As I said previously I have two of these tool caddies and I am thinking of getting a couple more as I can think of other places where I could use them. The bathroom, for instance. One could hold a razor, some tweezers, small scissors and an assortment of mascara wands and lipsticks.

And maybe another could be used in the kitchen for items such as swizzle sticks and other small items. I’m sure I will find plenty of items that can be stored once I put my mind to it.

They don’t take up much room and I store them neatly in the cupboard when they are not in use. Then it’s simply a matter of choosing the tool organizer that I need at the time. The paper tools when I’m making cards or junk journals and the sewing tools when I am sewing or quilting. It’s a win-win for me.