How We Store Our ScanNCut Mats

We have accumulated a lot of ScanNCut mats over the years and since we mostly never throw any away, we need somewhere to store them all. Now, the thing with ScanNCut mats, is that they have to be stored flat – you can’t bend them or roll them…they have to stay flat. This means that they can be awkward to store, mostly because of their size.

We have tried a number of different methods over the years and essentially have come down to three storage options.

Storage Option 1: Shelving

The first way we store our mats is in the shelving space below our cutting table. That’s the cutting surface you see when you watch Wanda do the tutorial videos for YouTube. So this is what it looks look like on the other side. It’s also where we store the cutting machines and heat press machines. You can see the mats hiding at the bottom. This only works because we can adjust the shelving. If we couldn’t adjust the shelves, we would have a lot of wasted space since we don’t really want to put anything on top of those mats if we can help it. Plus we are lucky that this particular unit is deep enough to hold these mats.

Ideas for Storing ScanNCut Mats

This is what that cutting table looks like. It’s a Horn Elements Cutting Table and as far as I can tell it is only available in Australia – try HobbySew or Harvey Norman (and compare prices). The top is big enough for a 24″ x 36″ cutting mat and all of those shelves can be adjusted to different heights. We really like it and have two of them although the first one we bought had a lift top lid which i don’t think they make anymore but I actually prefer this second version. (And by the way, we are not affiliated with this company in anyway – just wanted to share what we use.)

Horn Elements Cutting Table

Storage Option 2: Hanging inside closet door

The other way we store our mats, is hanging in a closet. We simply purchased some of those adhesive hooks from our local hardware store and stuck one on the inside of the door. We’ve only got a couple hanging on their at the moment but we’ve easily had 5 or 6 mats on that hook.

This would have to be my favourite method. They take up little space, they are kept flat and they are easy to retrieve when needed. Plus you can add more than one hook inside a cupboard like this (which is exactly what we did).

storing scanncut mats

You can see up close the type of hook we have but there are lots of similar hooks that you can choose from.

scanncut mat storage ideas

Storage Option 3: Hanging from clothes hangers

We were using this option for quite a while and the only reason we stopped is that we needed the closet space, plus we found that storage option 2 (above) took up a lot less space. However, it is a great way of storing ScanNCut mats since you may already have some of those trouser hangers in your closet. It keeps the mats flat and as long as you have some extra closet space you are set.

ScanNCut mat hanging storage option