How I Make Ribbon or Lace Bookmarks -Tutorial

I was recently making some bookmarks for one of my junk journals and thought you might like to see how I do this. I made a few while I had my supplies out. This way I have some on hand in my stash when I need one, unless I want to make something specific for a particular journal.

These bookmarks are quick and easy to make and they can be made using scraps of ribbon or lace that you have in your stash. Dress them up with beads from old jewellery or charms that you have on hand.

Watch the Video Below or scroll down for the written instructions.

Materials & Tools Used in this Video

And these are the materials I used for some of the other ribbons I made

  • Red velvet ribbon – in a bundle purchased from Amazon
  • Green velvet ribbon – in a bundle purchased from Amazon
  • Lace – a piece I had in my stash
  • 3/8″ Narrow ribbon – from my stash. You will find a wide variety of ribbon on Amazon

Ribbon or Lace Bookmark Tutorial


  • Gather up your supplies – ribbon, crimps, charms, jump rings, pliers.
  • Cut your ribbon or lace to the length you want. This will depend on where you are going to use your bookmark. In this video I have used 14″ as this is for one of my mega junk journals.

  • Set your crimp into your pliers.  Sometimes these crimps are wide open so I like to close them a little before inserting the ribbon/lace.

  •  Place the ribbon into the crimp and push it in as far as it will go.
  • Press down firmly with the pliers so that the claws on the crimp are secured into the ribbon.

  • Turn the ribbon over and press down with the pliers once more.
  • Give the ribbon a tug to make sure the crimp is securely in place.

  • Repeat with the other end of the ribbon.

  • Open the jump ring making sure to push the pieces apart not pull them open. Bring one piece towards you and the other piece away from you.(see video)

Ribbon or Lace Bookmark Tutorial

  • Slip the jump ring through the loop on the crimp.
  • Slip the charm onto the jump ring
  • Close the jump ring
  • Repeat with the other end.

Ribbon or Lace Bookmark Tutorial

  • You can use matching charms or you can use completely different pieces to decorate the ends.

Ribbon or Lace Bookmark Tutorial

These ribbon bookmarks are so quick and easy to make, and they look great in your junk journals.
Why not make a bunch of them while you have your supplies out, and store them in your stash so you have one on hand at any given moment.

Ribbon or Lace Bookmark Tutorial