Book Lovers Junk Journal Flip Through.

I really love making these large junk journals that  I learnt to make from Mrs Cogs Crafts Mega-zine Course on Etsy. This journal is a mixture of the Book Lovers Junk Journal kit from My Porch Prints, along with the addition of Jane Austen and tea time ephemera. I chose this theme for my granddaughter Ishta who is an avid reader, loves tea and is a huge fan of Jane Austen.

I love the paper used in the journal and it has lots of tags and bookmarks included.  Although I have added lots of lovely decorations, I have left lots of pages for Ishta to journal and add photos.

We enjoy going  out to high tea where we can sit and chat in nice surroundings while enjoying a nice, hot cup of tea and indulging in tiny sandwiches and dainty cakes. Our favourite tea spots are the Hyatt and Adore Tea here Canberra, and I have included some photos of those occasions in the journal.

Making these large junk journals is so much fun, and it’s very rewarding when it is finally finished and you can sit back and just appreciate the result.

To See the Journal in full Watch the Video below

Items Used to Make this Junk Journal


Sari silk

Reference Video

  • Treasure Books – I forgot to mention in the video that the fold down folder on the second signature cover came from an idea by Natasha at Treasure Books, so I have added the link here for you.

Die Cut

Decorating the Journal – Just Some of the Pages

Check out Mrs Cogs Megazine Course for the basic instructions on constructing the journal.

For the cover I used Millers furnishing fabric from Spotlight, here in Australia (wait for the sales to get it at a reasonable price).

I chose the cover image from the Book Lovers kit and added a pocket and some quotes from the Ode to Jane Austen add-ons, some lace,  and buttons that I thought matched  quite nicely. I also popped in an ephemera card from the Vintage Afternoon Tea kit.

Choosing the Sari silk was a small challenge. I tossed up between adding an orange coloured sari silk ribbon, but in then I felt the salmon pink better suited the journal.

For the back cover I added one of the lovely pages from the Vintage Afternoon Tea kit. I really love this image with the old fashioned teapot and the pink roses.

For the trim on the spine I put together some lace, ribbon, chains, beads and the ‘Imagine’ metal tag from Tim Holtz.. Ishta is a  big fan of John Lennon so I thought the Imagine medallion was just the right touch to add to the decoration. I also made a paper bead to add.  This is the first time I have managed to end up with a spine decoration that looks okay, and stays together. So I was pretty pleased with myself for finally conquering this.

So lets have a quick look through the journal

On the inside of the cover I added a pocket  using the same fabric as the front of the cover, and I also added some tea dyed lace and a couple of teatime cut outs.

I was quite happy with how the cover of the first signature turned out. I added lace to the bottom for interest, along with some Jane Austen quotes and tags from the Book Lovers kit. There is such a lot included in the kit and it I spent quite some time mulling over what to add.

This is a simple tri-fold  folder that I made and added a picture of the two us having afternoon tea.

These are a couple on additions that I put together, one is a scribble pad made for papers in the Book Lovers kit and the other is a booklet using and assortment of papers including some from the Ode to Jane Austen papers.

This is the middle of the first signature. I have used pockets and tuck spots so that there are plenty of places to add tags and ephemera.

In this tuck spot I have added some teabags from The English Tea Shop. These  tea bags are from their Christmas collection and I thought the bright colours just popped.  I also love this tag, it’s very pretty, so I just had to had it.

Here are some pages from the second signature.

For the cover I just glued ephemera to the cover and added some lace. I didn’t think it needed any extra tuck spots as I have added a decorated, fold down notebook. For the closure of the notebook I used a magnet.

For this page I did some stenciling at the top  and added this double tag holder. This is from the Book Lovers kit and I just added some lace and an assortment of tags and ephemera.

Here is a tri-fold folder that came with the Ode to Jane Austen pages. I have added one of my favourite photos of Ishta. This was taken when she was going to her high school prom.

She has always been mad keen on owls, so I stenciled this cutie onto one of the tea dyed papers. He’s hidden away towards the back of the journal as a surprise.

And here is the  back cover where I have used the fabric for the pocket and added tea dyed lace. There is another booklet for journalling, and a piece of ephemera to decorate the page.  The background is double sided card stock from the DCWV English Garden collection. I was unable to find this on Amazon but they do carry a range of other beautiful DCWV collections.

And so we come to the end of my Book Lovers Junk Journal flip through. There are more pages that I haven’t added here but you can see them all in the video.