Creative Stitched Tote Bag Using the Stupendous Stitching Method

Make an Awesomely Stitched Tote Bag Using the Stupendous Stitching Method

I love how this creative stitched tote bag turned out and I use it constantly when I shop. It’s one of my favorites. Paula stitched the front using the Stupendous Stitching method by Carol Ann Waugh and she tells me that it is favorite Craftsy class ever.

What is the Stupendous Stitching Method?

The Stupendous Stitching method was developed by Carol Ann Waugh and involves using fancy stitches on your machine plus some simple hand-embroidered stitches to create unique fabric fiber art designs. You can then use your designs as artwork or incorporate them into a project like our bag here for example.

Carol Ann goes into great detail in this course explaining the best threads to use, how to create a stitch bible, how to couch and use the stitches on your machine. With the Stupendous Stitching Method, those who are confident using the stitches on their sewing machine can make an awesomely stitched fiber art.

Where Can You Find the Stupendous Stitching Course?

You can find the course here on Craftsy.

Here is a close-up of the stitching

Do I Need a Special Sewing Machine?

The short answer is No. You do not need a fancy sewing machine to learn the Stupendous Stitching Method. You can stitch this project with a home sewing machine that has fancy stitches included, even if it has only just a few fancy stitches. You can vary the look by changing the width and length of the stitches to give you more variety.

You can also do hand stitching to add to the texture and a lovely effect, or you can simply do all machine stitching.

Uses of the Stupendous Stitching Method

Although the design looks great on our tote bag, don’t just limit yourself to decorating a bag, as you can use the Stupendous Stitching method to embellish all sorts of projects such as quilts, table runners, iPad cases and even garments.

Overview of Carol Ann Waugh

Carol Ann Waugh is a Mixed Media Artist who enjoys working with different materials and layers to create interesting patterns and colors in her projects. She has a number of classes on Craftsy and she also has online classes on her website. If you like our Stupendous Stitches tote bag then I urge you to check out her other classes to help expand your range of skills using different media in your creations.

Here are some more examples of Stupendous Stitching