Moda Charm Square Scarf – Keep out the Winter Chills

With Winter fast approaching it’s time to think about ways to keep warm when you are out and about in those cold, wintry temperatures.  And what could be better than a lovely warm  scarf snuggly wrapped around your neck..(well along with a good quality overcoat)

I made this scarf using the Morris Modernized Moda Charm Square pack. and backed it with some warm fleecy material. Believe me it is the coziest scarf ever. Paula is a big fan of the Morris fabrics and they certainly suit the cooler seasons.  This scarf has a classic look that pairs as nicely with jeans and jumper or a more tailored look. But hey, you can make this scarf in more upbeat tones and it will look easily as great.

Now I can’t take credit for the pattern as I found it originally on the Moda site, and unfortunately it is no longer there. However, I did track the pattern down using Wayback Machine. and here is the link.  After all the credit for the Charm Square Scarf pattern belongs to Trish from Notes of Sincerity.

And if you don’t have a charm pack on hand, you can cut your own charm squares from yardage. Here is a link to the tutorial on how to do that.