Readers Project: Jocelyn’s Origami Bag (reversible)

Note from Alanda Craft:   Oh wow, doesn’t Jocelyn’s origami bag look awesome. I love the bright, colourful  fabric that sets of the denim so beautifully.   And I totally agree that having the stitched seam showing adds interest,

Thank you for your lovely comments Jocelyn. Can’t wait to see your gift bags when they are done.

Jocelyn Says

The instructions were spot on. The most difficult portions was measuring and sewing the square to attach the handles together due to bunching around the machine while sewing. I think that’s a nice trade off.

Don’t feel bad stopping rewinding and watching the video again to get the steps down.
My initial idea was to make a denim bag but I like the stitched seam showing from the . It adds for a decorative touch when reversed.

You’re great instructor.
My next project will be the gift bags.

Watch the video below to see how to make your own origami bag

Or Click Here for the written instructions with photos.