Readers Project: Donna’s Zippered Cushion Covers – Munchkins Choice

Note from Alanda Craft: Don’t you just love the Donna’s zippered cushion covers. And what a great idea using furry fabric for the backs. Frozen is always a firm favourite for young girls. I sympathized when I read that you forgot to open the zipper on the first cushion cover. Believe me you will never forget again. I did it once, and haven’t tripped up again. It’s a real struggle to get it open afterwards and takes much mumbling and the occasional cursing until it comes undone.  I think your cushion covers are awesome Donna and I bet the munchkins love them.  Thank you for sharing them with us.

Donna Says
These were made for my two munchkins ages 7 and 4 – they chose the fabrics including the fluffy backs. When making the first one I forgot to leave the zip open when sewing up the sides/bottom (grrrrrr) – but I only did it once 😉 I think they turned out well for a first cushion project – many thanks with appreciation to Alanda and her awesome instructions.

What a great idea. I just love the furry backs Donna has used on these cushions.

Watch the video below to see how to make your own zippered cushion covers

To go to the written instructions with photos – click HERE