One Block Baby Quilt – Blueberry Pie Quilt Block

If you find yourself needing a baby gift then you can’t go past this super cute, super easy one block baby quilt. We made this quilt using the Blueberry Pie quilt block pattern and it’s made mainly with half square triangles and squares.

The quilt block size is 30″x30″ and the quilt with borders measures approx. 40″x40″

(see the kimmidoll version at the bottom of the post)

Watch the video below or scroll down for the written instructions

What You Need:

  • Centre feature square – 1 @ 10½” square (I fussy cut my piece of fabric to get the robots I wanted in the centre)
  • White fabric – 4  @ 5½” square  and 8 @ 6″ square
  • Blue fabric – 4  @ 5½” square  and 4 @ 6″ square
  • Green mottled fabric – 8 @ 6″” square
  • Green fabric –  4 @ 6″ square

Tools Used in This Video:

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Please Note
¼” seams are used throughout this project

Set the 10″ and 5½” squares aside.

  • Lay out the 6″ white squares on the mat
  • Lay 4 blue squares on top of 4 of the white squares, with right sides facing

  • Add 4 of the mottled green squares on to the top of 4 of the remaining white squares, with right sides facing.

  • Lay the 4 mottled green squares on top of the 4  green squares, with right sides facing.

Now that we have a pile of matched squares, it’s time to start making our half square triangles.

2 Ways to Create Half Square Triangles.

  1. Using a single drawn line:

Taking one set of squares at a time, draw a line diagonally across the top square.

  • Create the Half Square Triangles  by sewing the squares together.
  • Sew ¼” from  the diagonal line on either side of the drawn line. Make sure to do this on both sides of the line.


DO NOT sew down the line, this is the cut line.

2. Using the the Add-a Quarter Ruler

  • In this case you will line up the inner quarter inch line along the diagonal and draw a line along the edge of the ruler. Turn the square and repeat the process down the other side.



  • Now you will  sew along the lines you drew
  • Cut along  the diagonal (from corner to corner)between the lines you have sewn.

. You now have 2 half square triangles.

Trim the Half Square Triangles

  • It’s now time to trim the half square triangles to 5½”. I used the 6½” square Olfa ruler which I find is ideal for trimming up quilt blocks. But you can use whatever ruler you like to use.

Trimming the Half Square Triangles
If you are unsure of how to square up a half square triangle we have a video on how to do this – Here

You can also go to timestamp 6:25 (approx) in the video for this tutorial.

Once all your squares have been trimmed to size, lay them out on the mat in the order given in the pattern.

Assemble the Quilt

  • Sew the squares together in blocks of 4.

  • Take particular care when you press the seams. You want the blocks to nest together so that you have nice even joins.

  • Once you have sewn all the squares into blocks of 4, join them together into rows.

  • Now sew the rows together.

Your quilt block is now finished and it’s just a matter of adding the borders.

Ready to add the borders? Download the pattern here.


KimmiDoll One Block Quilt  made from the Blueberry Pie Quilt Block

Quilted and with borders and binding added.


Blueberry Pie Quilt block 12″ x 12″

You can make three or four of these blocks to make a table runner, (depending on the length of table runner you like). You can simply sew the blocks  together or you can add some sashing between the blocks for added interest.

  • Centre feature square – 1 @ 4½” square
  • Grey fabric – 4  @ 2½” square  and 8 @ 3″” square
  • Black dot fabric – 4  @ 2½” square  and 4 @ 3″ square
  • Red fabric – 8 @ 3″” square
  • Grey dots – 4 @ 3″ squares

The small block is constructed using the same method as the larger block.

For this block size, trim the half square triangles to  2½” square.