Readers Project: Peggy’s Christmas Panel Quilt – The first machine binding I am happy with doing

Note from Alanda Craft:  Wow, this is just gorgeous.  Don’t you just love Peggy’s Christmas Panel Quilt.  I love this panel, and I think Peggy has done a great job with the borders.  I am happy to see that you finished the quilt with the red binding, it just completes the quilt beautifully.  I am sure your grandson just loves his Christmas quilt.

Machine binding makes it so easy to finish off a quilt. I’m not fond of hand sewing and take my hat off to all those ladies who hand sew their quilts and binding, but me I like being able to machine bind my quilts – its’ quick and easy.  Arthritis is such a debilitating condition and I am happy we were able to help out Peggy.

Peggy Says
This is a Christmas quilt for my Grandson. I have always hated binding, but you made it fun. My quilt is just a panel with some borders, but just perfect to keep a 10 year old warm while he does his homework and gaming! I’ve had a stroke and have arthritis, but following your video, I was able to bind with no troubles! Thank you!

Watch the Video below to see ‘How to Machine Bind a Quilt’.