Easy Christmas Place Mats Tutorial – From Start to Finish

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to create some easy Christmas Placemats. These are quite quick to make and we even show you how to add the and backing and the binding. You can also make a matching table runner here.

The place mat measures approximately 18″ x12″

What You Will Need

For each place mat you will need:

  • Center piece – cut 1 piece @ 14½” x 8½”
  • 1st border – cut 2 pieces @ 9½ x 1″ AND 2 pieces @ 14½” x 1″
  • 2nd border – cut 2 pieces @ 12½” x 2″ AND 2 pieces @ 15½” x 2″
  • Backing fabric – approx 22″ x 16″ (it will depend on the amount of quilting you will do but this should easily cover it)
  • Batting – approx 22″ x 16″
  • Binding – cut 2 strips @ 2¼” x WOF

Tools Used in this Video

Watch the step-by-step video below or scroll down for the written instructions

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How to Create the Placemat

  • Start by adding the long 1st border pieces to the center piece and sew with a quarter-inch seam.

  • Sew the short 1st border pieces to the sides of the center piece with a quarter-inch seam.

  • Do the same with the 2nd border pieces. Sew the longer pieces first and then the shorter pieces to the sides.

  • Once the top is complete, you are  ready to quilt the layers together.
  • Place the backing fabric face down on your board and then lay the batting on top of it.
  • Now add the top piece.
  • Smooth the pieces down to eliminate wrinkles as much as possible.

We use an adhesive spray to hold the pieces together. You can purchase the same type we use on Amazon here.

  • Fold the top of the quilt back about half way and spray.

  • Then repeat on the other side.

  • Do the same for the layer between the backing fabric and the batting.

  • We also pin our layers together.

Now you are ready to quilt the layers together.

  • Watch the video to see how we quilted our placemats. We just used diagonal lines but you can quilt it anyway you like.

Once you have quilted the layers together, you are  ready to trim the excess fabric.

  • Line up your quilting ruler and cut on all sides.

Now add your binding.