Readers Project: Karen’s QAYG Fence Rail Quilt in Blues

Note from Alanda Craft: I think Karen’s fence rail quilt is striking. The whole quilt just pops, and I think the narrow strips of white add just the right touch of contast. I’m thinking we should call Karen’s quilt ‘Rhapsody in Blue’. I am sure your husband loves his lap quilt, Karen. Thank you so much for sharing your fence rail quilt with us.


This is my second QAYG using the Alanda Craft method. I made this for my husband.

This lap quilt was made from jelly roll strips. The strips were sewn together, then cut into six inch squares. The squares are sandwiched and stitched in the ditch to quilt, then dark blue sashing was added to join the squares, aligning all the rows.

The border is quilted using a continuous pattern of swirls on my embroidery machine, then I added a flange using the same material in the blues and added binding of blue. I had sewn all the strips together and cut them into six inch squares before I even knew what pattern I was going to use, so the white strips on all the squares are not as wide. Another learning experience. Now I choose a pattern, then buy the fabric



Watch the video below to see how to make your own ‘Quilt As You Go’ quilt

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