Readers Project: Joe’s Baby Blanket, Quilt

Note from Alanda Craft: In a previous post Joe talked about being new to sewing and quilting. At the time he had just made some drawstring gift bags, well, now he has finished this lovely baby blanket and not only that but he added binding to the quilt. Binding is often considered daunting to a number of quilters but Joe tackled it and the quilt looks great.  I do love the elephant fabric. Elephants are my favourite animal, I used to love seeing them at the zoo when I was a child, and I also had the pleasure of riding one. A thrilling experience for a youngster I can tell you. Thank you for sharing your photos with us Joe, we look forward to seeing more of your creations in the future.

Joe Says:
Ok Wanda, I did it. I went ahead and did your baby blanket from YouTube, but I added binding.  Want a mess, but I got though it after cussing up a blue streak….  LOL Anyhow, It’s 40”x40”.  My stitches are as crooked as a CEO…(In the picture you can see that I almost came off the sewing machine but caught it in time. ..But I wanted to share the pictures with you.

Joe’s Baby Blanket- Front

Joe’s Baby Blanket- Back

Watch the video below to see how to make your own Baby Blanket. It’s quick and easy.

Click HERE for the written instructions.