Readers Project: Stephany’s Drawstring Bag

Note from Alanda Craft: I love this fabric that Stephany has used for her drawstring bag. It has a metallic sheen to it. You can make these as little drawstring gift bags, which are so handy for giving treats for birthdays and Christmas.  They are also handy for keeping mementos and keepsakes protected.  You can also make them bigger, as Stephany has done, to fit larger items. Why not make your own drawstring bag from our tutorial. Thank you for sharing the photos of your drawstring bag with us Stephany,  it looks lovely.

Stephany Says:
I had lots of success with your tutorial, thank you! I just started learning to sew a month ago and I was really pleased with my outcome. Thank you for the great tutorial. I did, however, make a mistake by not leaving extra material above the drawstring hole but I still love my bag.

I forgot to mention I made them 20 x 23 so that they could fit my baby wraps and slings. Thanks again

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stephanies-draw-string-bag,sewing, craft, www.alandacraft.com

Watch the video on How to Make a Gift Bag, below