Readers Project: Barbara’s Fall Snappy Quilt

Note from Alanda Craft: I have to say that I do like this Snappy Quilt Pattern. Barbara has made a few of these quilts and each one is lovely.  Using different fabric for each of her quilts makes them unique and personal to the person receiving the quilt.  The quilts shown in this post are the a Snappy Quilt in Fall colors and a Scrap Quilt made from the leftovers.

Barbara Says:
We have cats and I wanted to make something for my awesome cat sitter.  I know the colors she likes so I sent her a bunch of fat quarter bundles to choose from.  She picked one called Scattered Posies.  The green border has little gold flecks on the vines which makes it quite pretty.

snappy-quilt, quilting,sewing,craft, www.alandacraft.com
  • She loves fall colors and patterns, too, so I chose this for the back.

snappy-quilt, quilting,sewing,craft, www.alandacraft.com

Barbara Continues

This is what I made out of the scraps from a quilt I made for my cat sitter. I had gotten this backing for hers but then she told me she didn’t want anything too bright or bold so I found something more subdued at the quilt shop and used that. I like the way this came out.

When I do one like this, there’s no rhyme or reason or plan to follow. I start with 2 random pieces then add two more. I trim those parts to make even edges.

Then I start pulling pieces that look to be about the same size or shape and put those together. I keep doing this until I have a decent pile of random pieces.

Then, I start looking again for the sewed together pieces that are similar in size or shape and put those together. Again, I trim that group.

I continue to do that until I have a bunch of groupings. Once I start putting those together, this is when I start trimming to get even edges. Eventually, I have a quilt.

It took me a day and a half to do this one but that wasn’t constant sewing. It was randomly throughout the day and evening. Sometimes I think these come out better than the “real” quilt.

Note From Alanda Craft: It just goes to show what you can do with those leftover scraps. Barbara has put together this scrap quilt from her stash. It’s a bit like crumb quilting with larger pieces. I think the colors work well together and I do like the backing.

scrappy quilt, quilting, sewing, craft, www.alandacraft.com

  • The colors in the backing fabric tie everything together nicely.

scrappy quilt, quilting, sewing, craft, www.alandacraft.com

Here are more of Barbara’s Snappy Quilts: