The Ultimate Quilt Rack Guide: How to Choose One & Where to Buy

What is a Quilt Rack?

A quilt rack is a stand or display that holds your quilt in a hanging position. It can be a wall-mounted rack, a ladder-style rack or a rack that sits on the floor.

Quilt racks are often referred to as blanket rack or a towel rack and can often be used interchangeably as they basically perform the same job. However, be aware that a quilt is going to weigh more than a towel so not all towel racks will be sturdy enough to hold a quilt.

quilt rack buyers guide

Why Would You Even Need a Quilt Rack?

There are a few reasons one might want to use a quilt rack:

  • To store a quilt in a hanging position when not in use. For example, during the cooler months when you want to keep an extra quilt handy, you can hang it on a rack so that it is easy to grab on a cold winters night. A quilt rack looks especially nice in a guest room.
  • If you want to display your quilts at quilt shows or craft markets.
  • You might be a quilt blogger who needs to take photos of your quilts for your blog.
  • If you are a quilter and you are working on multiple quilts at the one time (who isn’t?) then you can place your unfinished quilts on the rack.
  • If you want to air your quilts, you can move the quilt rack outside.
  • It can be used as a drying rack after you have washed your quilt.
  • You can use it in a living room to store lap quilts for those cold winter months.

Things to Consider When Buying a Quilt Rack


Quilts can get heavy depending on the fabrics and batting used so a flimsy rack is not going to cut it. I have seen wooden quilt racks on Amazon that have poor reviews simply because they are shoddily built and aren’t sturdy enough to hold multiple quilts.

ladder quilt display rackA quilt can vary in weight depending on the size as well as the type of fabric and batting used but in general, for a queen size,  you might be looking at 4 to 6lbs.

When buying a quilt rack online, look for the ‘weight capacity’ specifications. You will want to ensure that it has the capacity to hold the quits and/or blankets you intend to hang. This is especially so if you are looking at towel racks. As we’ve already mentioned, towel racks may have a lesser weight capacity since they aren’t as heavy as quilts.

Height and Size

Think about where you are going to be placing the quilt rack and make sure that the height, width and depth of the rack you want to buy is going to fit in your space.

Also, think about the height of the rack. You don’t want it to be too short as if you have a large quilt you are going to have to fold it many times in order to make it hang without hitting the floor. This may mean that you can only get one quilt on the rack because it will be quite bulky and take up all the space.


What do you want your quilt rack to be made of?

Quilt racks generally come either as wood or metal. Wooden quilt racks are quite popular as they suit most decors.

Metal racks can be quiet ornate and in some cases can be sturdier than the wooden type.

Types of Quilt Racks & Where to Buy One

Wooden Quilt Rack

There are many different versions of quilt racks but the most common is the wooden quilt rack that sits on the floor. They usually have four feet and multiple rods running across to hold the quilts.

The benefit of this style of quilt rack is that it allows for more than one quilt or blanket to be hung depending on the number of rods on the rack.

1. Walnut Quilt Rack

  • This quilt rack is made from walnut so it is strong and sturdy.
  • You can see the 3 rods across the rack plus the three at the bottom.
  • You can store folded blankets or quilts on those bottom 3 rungs.

This quilt rack is available on Amazon

Note: The reviews are mixed. From what I can tell, the quality control on this rack is not the best so some are getting perfect racks whilst others are getting ones that have broken pieces, misaligned screw joints and some of the pieces are marked. However, the description does state that the item is returnable if you get a dodgy one.

wooden quilt rack

2. Straight Leg Wooden Quilt Rack

This is a very different looking quilt rack but much better quality than the above quilt rack.

  • This quilt rack has 3 Wooden hanging bars
  • A scrolled top
  • Open cut out design sides
  • The overall dimensions are: 12. 5 inches in Length x 32 inches in Width x 36 inches in Height
  • The rack has a stable base support

The Benjara Quilt rack is available from Amazon.

Metal Quilt Rack

Metal quilt racks work in the same way as any other quilt rack but they often allow for more ornate design, so they can look especially nice out on display. They can also sometimes be sturdier than the wooden type.

1. Metal Scroll Quilt Rack

This one is made from tubular steel with decorative iron scrollwork. It gets quite good reviews on Amazon.

This is what one reviewer had to say:
I have two full size blankets, one large queen size blanket, one quilt and three small warming blankets. If you put the heaviest on the bottom rack and distribute the weight…it works great. LOVE mine. All ready to use and easy to get to them. Looks really nice with all the colors being displayed.

This quilt rack is available from Amazon .
scroll metal quilt rack

Hanging Quilt Rack (Wall Mounted)

Hanging quilt racks are typically wall-mounted so it is important that they are installed correctly as quilts can get quite heavy.

  • Wall quilt racks often include a hanging rod that is inserted through a quilt pocket. However, they can also be draped over the rod if you don’t have a pocket on your quilt.

The drawback of a hanging quilt rack is that they generally only allow for one quilt although you can potentially add two if you fold both the quilts in half and lay them over the rod.

1. Hanging Wall Shelf Quilt Rack

  • This is a two in one type of quilt rack. It works as a shelf so you can place your knick-knacks or photos on there and hang your quilt from the rod below it.
  • The dowel finials are a nice finishing touch.

Note that although this rack looks like wood, it isn’t. It is a type of modified wood.

You can get this quilt rack from Amazon

2. Quilt Holder with Shelf

This one may look like it only holds towels but if you read the Amazon reviews most are using this to hang quilts.

  • The quilt rack is made from wrought Iron
  • It has a Black Powder-coat Finish
  • The rack holds Up to Two Quilts
  • There is a shelf that can be usedfor collectibles
  • It is made in the USA
  • The dimensions of the quilt holder are 29″L x 7″W x 25″H

You can get this quilt rack at Amazon here.

3. Over Door Hanging Quilt Rack

I like the look of this one although I would wonder whether it would stop the door from opening fully because of the bulk. I personally don’t know the answer to that one but the reviews on this one are really good and nobody has complained about it in that respect.

  • This over door quilt rack holds any sized quilt.
  • It fits a standard door (up to 1½” thick)
  • There is no assembly required – bonus
  • It’s easy to reach and use

Some people buy more that one so they can have a number of quilts hanging throughout the house.

It means that all the hard work you have put into making your quilts is on display not tucked away in plastic boxes or cupboards.

You can get this quilt rack at Amazon .

4. Wooden Quilt Hanger Clamp

If you want a full-width display for your quilt then you might want to consider with quilt hanger clamp. It has received exceptional reviews.

  • This Wooden Quilt Hanger comes in sizes from 30″ to 96″
  • It’s made from Oak Wood
  • It is available in different colors and the company uses Michaels Stains
  • There are two knobs that hold the clamp together
  • There are holes In the back for mounting.

You can get the Quilt Clamp from Amazon here.

Ladder Quilt Rack

Ladder quilt racks can be a great option as they are taller and can allow for more quilts to be displayed.

They can look as simple as a regular ladder or be more versatile and offer the ability to adjust to suit your needs.

1. Adjustable 2-in-1 Ladder Quilt Display Rack

This one can stand up like a regular ladder or can fold into an a-frame. If you look closely there are also hooks on the size for even more hanging options.

  • Get 2 Quilt Displays for the price of 1!
  • You can convert the LadderRack rom a Quilt Ladder to a folded Quilt Rack without tools.
  • It’s perfect for quilts of all sizes.
  • The reinforced rungs can hold up to 10 lbs each.
  • The ladder is designed to allow your quilts to hang freely, even from the highest rung, without pushing it away from the wall.
  • It’s  5½ feet tall 
  • These quilt racks are handmade in the USA in Illinois.

You can get this quilt display rack at Amazon here.

Full-Width Adjustable Quilt Rack

These types of quilt racks are best suited for those wanting to take photos of their quilts, or for those offering quilting classes, selling quilts or wanting to display a quilt at a quilt fair or craft show. This type of quilt rack works best with quilts that have a pocket so that the quilt hangs correctly and displays the full front of the quilt.

1. Portable Quilt Display Stand

This quilt display stand is fully telescopic both vertically and horizontally so you can adjust it to suit the size of your quilt. It also folds up into a handy carry bag so you can take this along to quilt shows and the like.

  • Telescopes to 10′ vertical by 12′ horizontal
  • Easily holds a king size quilt
  • It’s made from professional-grade aluminum alloy, making it ideal for Guilds & multiple users
  • There are accessories available that allow for multiple quilt display options
  • It comes with a re-enforced canvas carry case that has individual pockets for holding the support. We have one of these and you will often see it in the background of our videos.
  • The telescoping crossbar allows you to display a king-size quilt.
  • It’s not the most decorative item to have to display your quilts at home, but for filming or displaying quilts at a craft show, etc, it’s ideal.


Since the above quilt display is no longer available, there may be many others that will work because essentially this is simply a stand that is used by photographers as a backdrop. So with this in mind, I have found an alternative that may work but just search for “photography backdrop stand” in Amazon for other variations.

Here’s the one I found on Amazon:

How to Use a Quilt Rack

It will depend on the type of quilt rack you are using, but for most of the standard floor type quilt racks, it is simply a matter of folding your quilt down the middle of the quilt. This will be the longest side of the quilt.

You might need to fold it once or maybe twice depending on the width of your quilt rack and then simply place it over one of the rods so that it folds over evenly.

For the hanging quilt racks, often a pocket is needed to be sewn into the quilt so that the rod fits through it. This ensures that the quilt hangs cleanly.

Long Term Quilt Storage Options

If you want to store a quilt for a long period of time then you will probably want to use a storage system of some sort. This might involve using a quilt or blanket storage bag.

However, be aware that a plastic bag can cause mold or mildew. If you live in a dry environment this may not be an issue but either way, to be safe, you may not want to store your precious hand made quilt in one.

Most consider a natural fiber storage bag to be the best option for storing a quilt. So you could use a cotton or linen bag. Some even suggest wrapping the quilt in a cotton sheet or even a pillowcase.

Here’s a couple of examples of cotton storage bags:

1. Foldable Fabric Storage Bag – 2 pack

  • This storage bag is made from cotton canvas and it protects from bugs, moisture, and dust.
  • You can zip it up and store it under the bed or in a closet.
  • The large-sized under bed storage bag(73 x 51 x 27 cm / 28.7×20.1×10.6 inch) has ample space to keep your comforters, blankets, sheet sets, quilts, pillows, duvet, sweaters, towels and any other items that need to be put away.
  • Convenient to wash and fold.
  • There are 2 stainless steel zippers that are designed to slide along the closure regardless of how full the bag is.
  • The sturdy handles let you transport the storage bag effortlessly.
  • The bags are manufactured with reinforced seams for added strength.

You can get this storage bag on Amazon here.



2. Flax and Cotton Storage Bag

Another storage bag that you can use to store your quilts. Always check sizing before purchasing to ensure they will fit your quilts.

  • This bag is made from 100% natural 12 oz cotton canvas fabric, which is breathable and durable.
  • It’s not waterproof so do not store it in damp spots such as the garage or basement.
  • The bag measures 70*55*30cm(27.5X21.5X11.8″) so it’s the perfect storage for king/queen size winter bedding, such as Comforters, Quilts, Blankets, Pillows, Duvets etc
  • The bag can be machine washed
  • The  2 zip locks unzip on three sides
  • There are 2 handles.making it easy to carry
  •  This bag is soft, it does not have a frame inside

You can get this cotton storage bag from Amazon here.3. Closet Quilt Hangers

You can also store your quilt in a closet. These particular hangars hold up to 40 pounds without bending.

  • The heavyweight steel construction makes these comforter hangers able to hold heavy quilts
  • The hangers have an open-ended design making them easy to access when storing big blanket and quilts
  • You can keep your quilts and blankets tucked neatly away in your closet
  • These steel hangers can hold up to 40 pounds without bending.
  • The blanket hanger is approx.17” wide so it will hold folded comforters and blankets up to 15” wide (38.1cm).

You can get this closet quilt hangar from Amazon here.

Our Final Thoughts
So as you can see there are many options for storing and showcasing the lovely quilts that you have put so much time and effort into making. Let the world see just how talented you are.

Just take the time to think about the right quilt rack to suit your needs.