20 Quick and Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

sewing projects for beginners

Looking for quick and easy sewing projects for beginners?

If you are after quick and easy sewing projects for beginners then you have come to the right place.  We have 20 different easy sewing projects for you that are fast to make and they all come with step-by-step video tutorials. Plus just about all have written tutorials as well. These are suitable for most beginners with just a couple that might need a little more expertise. Enjoy!

1. Beginner Baby Blanket Tutorial

Super fast and super easy. This one of the easiest sewing projects for beginners you could find. Just two bits of fabric and you will have this done.

Baby Blanket - Easy Sewing Project for Beginners

2. Quick & Easy Pot Holder Tutorial

This is a great way of using up your spare 10″ layer cake squares but you can cut your own. Another fast and easy sewing project.

Pot Holder Tutorial - Easy Sewing Project for beginners

3. Easy Envelope Cushion Cover Tutorial

If your cushions are looking a bit drab then you will love this beginners sewing project. You can make these super fast, so they can make great Christmas gifts.

easy envelope cushion cover tutorial - easy beginners project

4. The Last Minute Table Runner

One of the best sewing projects for beginners. This is a great one if you need a quick table runner for Christmas, Halloween or Thanksgiving. It’s super fast to make and can look really impressive depending on what fabric you use. It only uses one piece of fabric.

last minute table runner tutorial - quick and easy sewing project

5. Quick and Easy Placemat Tutorial

If you have some spare jelly roll strips lying around then this is the tutorial for you. It’s quite simple but looks really effective.

Placemat tutorial using jelly rolls - easy sewing project

6. Super Easy Zippered Pouch Tutorial

A really nice and easy sewing project for beginners wanting to learn how to insert a zip. You will love this. They make nice quick gifts.

easy zippered purse tutorial - sewing project for a beginner

7. Easy Envelope Cushion Tutorial

Another envelope cushion tutorial, only this one uses a different design. Still quick and easy.

easy envelope cushion tutorial - nice easy sewing project for a beginner

8. The Triangle Table Runner Tutorial

This is an awesome looking table runner. Probably more for the confident beginner as it requires a bit more work but it is definitely doable.

triangle-table-runner,quilting,sewing,craft - easy sewing project

9. Magic Pillowcase Tutorial

This is a fun and easy sewing project. The Magic Pillowcase uses a technique that is a little different. I think you will enjoy this one.

Magic Pillow Case Tutorial - Easy Sewing Project for Beginners

10. Easy Fabric Journal Cover Tutorial

The instructions for this one make it suitable for any journal cover size.

Fabric Journal Cover Tutorial - Easy Sewing Project for Beginners

11. Fabric Collage Tutorial

Feeling the need to be creative then give this a try. You can make your own fabric collage which you can then use in other projects. We made cushion covers and journal covers using this method. This one is a great one for beginners as there is no right or wrong way of doing this.

Fabric Collage - Wool Collage - Nice beginners project

12. Easy No-Sew Dog Bed

Another super easy sewing project for beginners, although technically there is no sewing at all. This is a great one to make with the kids. All you need is some fabric and a pair of scissors.

No Sew Dog/Cat Bed - No sewing required

13. Patchwork Cushion Cover Tutorial

This one uses charm squares or you can cut your own 5″ squares. A great way of using up fabric scraps. The patchwork look makes this one something special.

Patchwork Cushion Cover - Suitable for the confident beginner sewer

14. Needle Holder Tutorial

This is another nice easy sewing project and they make great gifts for other sewers.

fabric scrap buster, needle holder, sewing projects for beginners

15. DIY Reusable Heat Pack Tutorial (or maybe a trivet)

You can use this in one of two ways – as a heatpack or as a trivet. I actually have one on my bedside table for those cups of tea in bed.

DIY Reusable Heat Pack - sewing projects for beginners

16. Layer Cake Wall Art Tutorial

Have some spare layer cake squares lying around? Then try this one out and create a bit of wall art. It’s an awesome way to add a bit of color to a child’s bedroom or nursery. No sewing needed.

layer cake wall art - no sewing required

17. Lavender Sachet Tutorial

These are lovely for placing into your linen cupboard to make everything smell really nice. They make great gifts too. This uses layer cake squares but you can cut your own 10″ squares. This is a really easy sewing project for beginners.

Lavender Sachet Tutorial - Easy sewing projects for beginners

18. Craft Tool Holder Tutorial

This is great for storing artist brushes, quilting or sewing tools. Not too difficult to make and they make awesome gifts.

craft tool holder tutorial - easy sewing projects for beginners

19. Easy Oven Mitts Tutorial

Here’s another one that uses jelly roll strips but you can cut your own 2 ¼” strips of fabric to make this. More for the confident beginner.

easy oven mitts tutorial - sewing projects for beginners

20. Easy Christmas Table Runner Tutorial

We made this one for Christmas but you can use different fabrics for any time of the year. It’s quilted but really simple to put together because it doesn’t require a binding.

Christmas Table Runner Tutorial - easy sewing projects for beginners