Sizzix Big Shot – Cutting Through 8 Layers of Fabric

The Sizzix Big Shot is an impressive machine considering the price. I have been cutting fabric with it for a while now and love how it can cut through 8 layers of fabric in one go.

Now when I say ‘fabric’ I am referring to quilting fabric here since that is predominately what we work with. To be honest, I haven’t tried the 8 layer thing with any other type of fabric so it would be a matter of testing it to see how it goes. I can’t see it working with 8 layers of denim for instance.

Watch the video below

I tested it with a simple die –  the Sizzix Flower Layers #5 and it worked extremely well as you can see in the image below. All the pieces cut out cleanly.

sizzix big shot cutting fabric

  • I also tested it off-camera with a more intricate die – Sizzix Tiger Lily and it didn’t manage to get through all 8 layers. One of the layers wasn’t cut cleanly.
  • But considering all of those small holes, I think it did pretty well.

It’s also worth watching the video above, as we have a tip on how to get a clean cut (almost) every time.

  • I used to have issues with cutting fabric as I would be left with tiny threads holding the fabric shape on and would have to clip them all to remove them.
  • With this tip I no longer have to do this…or at least very rarely anyway.

Where Can You Buy the Sizzix Big Shot?

UPDATE: Amazon used to sell the teal version that we have in the video and it is more expensive than the grey version for some reason. Maybe they are phasing out the teal so it is more difficult to find. Either way, they both do the same job so just go with the grey version if you are not worried about the color.

Also, check out Amazon’s range of Sizzix dies that you can use for your card making, scrapbooking and fabric applique.

You can check it out more details on the Sizzix Big Shot on Amazon here.