Readers Project: Barbara’s Quilts for Friends

Note from Alanda Craft: Here are some more lovely quilts from Barbara, this girl is on a roll.  Each quilt is unique both in colour choices and how she cuts the fabric.  Choosing the fabric is half the fun when you are making Quilts for friends

Barbara Says:

  • The black one is for a friend back home.  She wanted ALL black but I told her it really needed something to break it up.  She let me do polka dots.
  • I’m a fan of dots and I think Barbara was right to want to break this up with the polka dots. They add texture and interest to the quilt.



  • A friend has 7 cats and asked me to make something for her cat sitter.  The second one is what I came up with.

  • I do like the quilting pattern. Matches the quilt perfectly.

  • My sister had hip surgery in Oct and one of her co-workers took her to PT, shopping, etc for a while.  The next one is for her.  It’s just a lap quilt.  It’s another Kaffe Fasset.

quilting, sewing,craft

  • I think the teal backing looks really nice on this quilt. 

quilting, sewing,craft


  • The last one is for the lady’s’ 5 yr old son.  It’s called SPACE CAMP.
  • This young man is going to love this quilt.  It’s vibrant and cheerful.

  • The starry backing certainly goes well with the theme.

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