Readers Project: Barbara’s Quilts for Friends & Family

Note from Alanda Craft: You may remember Barbara’s Nautical Themed Quilt that she made back in August, well Barbara has really gotten into the swing of things since making her first quilt. Here are some of the latest quilts that she has made and I think they are just lovely. I love Kaffe Fasset  fabrics, the colours are so bright and cheerful. And those  Riley Blake animal fabrics are so cute. Your family and friends are so lucky Barbara, your quilts look great. Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us.

Here is what Barbara has to say:

Here’s the latest on my sewing.

  1. I’m getting a LOT better.
  2. Still struggling with the bindings, though.
  3. Learned about being able to choose fabric and piece it together instead of having to just use the very limited 108″ ones in the stores.
  4. Finished a yellow/gold/orange/tan one for a friend and made a smaller/lap sized for me.
  5. Same for a green/blue/teal one.  Both were different patterns.
  6. Did a fall theme with sunflower, greens, yellows, etc.  Made a lap size for me out of scraps.
  7. Did a red and white baseball one for my sister.  She lives and breathes baseball in spring. No left overs for me.
  8. Did a purple and white for a friend.  No left overs for me, here, either.
  9. Discovered Kaffe Fasset and bought a jelly roll and a pack of 10 in squares.  I learned about jelly roll races the ladies (and men) who have workshops like to do.  Today I’m working on one in that style.  This will be for a friend up in Salt Lake City.  It’s the Island Collective and so far, it’s coming out perfectly.   I got some 108 inch backing in a Hawaiian theme.
  10.  I finally did the yellow/black and white one and tried a new pattern.  It’s over a the shop now.  Margie is having knee replacement surgery on the 10th and the nice woman said she would have it ready for me next Thur.  Then I have to bind it.  It takes me a half a day to do that part.
  11. She and her whole family are cat people.  (all of my friends are).  I found this really cute Blake Riley group and will make one for one grand daughter.  I also found this adorable sheep fabric but it has just 2 companion pieces so I need to get a few more. I’ll make one for the other grand daughter who loves all animals.
  12. I finally  finished the cream and Caribbean blue one for a friend in FL.  I used a blue binding for that one.
  • This is for Margie.  She’s REALLY tall so I made it longer.  I like what I did with the border.  This was before I trimmed it and took it to the shop.  I know the center pieces are staggered – I did that because I can’t seem to make them perfect.  (Except for the left over ones I make for me.  THOSE are perfect.  Go figure)

readers project, easy quilt, quilting, sewing, craft

  • This is my pile of Kaffe Fasset strips.  I have to make 6 parts using these with 7 strips each.  I have 4 done and really like the way they’re turning out.

quilting, craft, sewing, easy quilt

  • The 10 inch squares.

quilting, craft, sewing, easy quilt

  • The backing I found.

  • Sheep for Mika.  I know I can get some matching green and pink someplace.

  • Next three are from  the left over scraps.  See what I mean about making nearly perfect rows when it’s just for me?  Grrrr