How to Re-Sticky Your Brother ScanNCut Mat

how to resticky a scanncut mat

We’ve been using our ScanNCut machines for a number of years now and we have a lot of mats all in varying stages of stickiness. Hey, it’s part and parcel of owning a ScanNCut. Honestly, though, I figure that I am already saving money since I don’t have to pay for additional dies with this machine. So buying a new mat every now and then doesn’t phase me.

Even so, we like to find ways to extend the life of the mat and as a result, we are yet to throw any away. We still have the original we got with the first machine. Although to be honest, we really should toss it in the bin, but not because it’s not sticky enough, but because there are so many cut marks on it that it is affecting the quality of the cut.

The Amazing Zig Two-Way Glue

We have a number of methods that we use to extend the life of our mats but we have found that one of our favorite ways for making our mats sticky again is by using a  Zig 2 Way Glue pen. When applied it creates a sticky surface that is perfect for the ScanNCut mats.

Now if you are thinking that this is just another added cost, first of all the glue is under $10 (and I have also seen it for under $5 on Amazon). So it’s not a huge expense.

Just keep in mind that a Standard Mat is around $20 in the US and around $30 in Australia so for under $10 it’s worth it to keep those mats going for a bit longer.

So How Do You Use the Glue?

You simply apply it to the mat by running the glue in strips horizontally and then vertically. Watch the video below to see this in action.

You don’t want to use too much however because then it can become way too sticky and you will get your paper sticking to the mat.

You only need to reapply the glue when the mat starts to lose its stickiness again. So far, we haven’t had to reapply the glue to any of the mats we have used this on.


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Watch the video below to see how to re-sticky your mat using the Zig 2 Way Glue

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