Strip/String Quilt for My Grandaughter Ce’Nedra

The quilt I made for my grandaughter Ce’Nedra (or Cedie as we call her) was made from our How to Make a String Quilt tutorial. This one was made some time ago but I hadn’t gotten around to finishing it.

So as her birthday was approaching it was time to get it out of the cupboard and finish it off.

Although the blocks and sashing were made using the techniques in our String Quilt tutorial, the backing was done using the same method as our Easiest Quilt Ever tutorial.

Watch the video tutorial below for the step by step tutorial on how to make a string quilt

How I finished Cedie’s Quilt

  • The outer edge of the quilt was topstitched to catch in the opening that had been left to turn the quilt through to the right side.
  • I ditched stitched between the outer edge borders.
  • The next thing was to quilt it to hold everything together. I did some linear quilting, which I quite like on this sort of quilt.
  • The lines are 1″ apart and I drew the lines onto the quilt to keep them straight.
  • I sewed from the top to the bottom, turned the quilt and sewed back in the opposite direction. You can see an example of linear stitching on our Triangle Table Runner tutorial.