Connor’s Caterpillar Heavy Hauler Truck Construction Quilt

For my eldest great grandson’s birthday, I decided to make him a quilt featuring the Caterpillar heavy hauler truck, construction quilt.

The panel features a CATerpillar heavy hauler truck and measured 36″ x 44″

caterpillars panel

Putting the Quilt Together

  • I got a bit carried away with the borders and ended up with a quilt measuring 70″ x 90″, quite a large quilt for a young man. I keep telling myself that it will last him for a few years.
  • The first thing was to trim up the panel. I decided to keep as much as possible of the black outer edge.
  • I felt that keeping the black border added depth to the next border which has the yellow construction trucks printed on it.
  • This border was 3 ½” finished.

construction-quilt-front, caterpillar heavy hauler quilt, quilt panel, truck quilt panel, quilting, sewing, craft

  • I decided to add a 1.5″ yellow border next, just to keep the color theme going and to brighten up the next border which is a 4½” mottled grey material.
  • Then I added another 2″ black border.

construction-quilt, caterpillar heavy hauler quilt, truck quilt, quilting,craft, sewing

  • Everything was coming together nicely, but now the quilt was becoming too square, so to make it more of a rectangle I added the black and yellow “construction” stripes to the top and the bottom of the quilt.
  • These construction strips measured 5¾”.

construction-quilt-front.caterpillar heavy hauler quilt panel, truck panel, quilting, craft, sewing

  • Then it was just a matter of finishing off with a 6″ border featuring heavy construction vehicles.

construction-quilt,caterpillar heavy hauler quilt, truck quilt, sewing,quilting,craft

  • The back is dark grey with spots and I added a yellow stripe for interest.

The Finishing Touch.

  • Then it was time to have the quilt top quilted.
  • Chris from Sew ‘n’ Sew Sisters quilted the quilt with construction vehicles and machinery. You can see the detail in the picture below.
  • She used a silver thread and it really makes the quilt pop.
  • I have to say that as always I just love the way she quilts my quilts.
  • The next time you are looking for someone to quilt your next quilt I highly recommend Chris.

construction-quilt-back,caterpillar heavy hauler quilt, truck quilt, quilting, sewing, craft

  • Once it was quilted it was time to trim the quilt and bind it.
  • I decided to use black binding. I looked at using the yellow or the grey but decided that the black definitely added depth to the design.