Toddler Quilt – Axel’s Quilt – I See Animals Baby/Toddler Quilt

One day you may buy a quilt kit and when you get it home it’s not quite what you were expecting. Well, that happened to me. Some time ago I bought a quilt kit that I intended to make up for one of my great-grandsons. When I got around to opening it, I was a bit disappointed as the pieces didn’t seem to go together, there was no coherent theme, the instructions were awful and it was just looked like a lot of mismatched, uneven scraps.i-see-animals-quilt,craft,sewing

I actually considered tossing it in the bin. But Paula insisted we put the quilt together. So I set about cutting the pieces into two sizes of blocks. I found that there weren’t actually enough pieces of material to form all the blocks and I needed to add some extras from the good old scrap stash.  I  also had to introduce another color to make up the 4 patch corner blocks.

As you can see I edged the larger blocks with smaller blocks.  I did consider putting sashing between the larger blocks but it didn’t look very good, so after a bit of discussion, we decided to just go with the mishmash of blocks. It’s great to have someone to hash out designs with over a cup of tea.

Like everything, once I started putting it together, it became more appealing and by the time I had the border on, I was quite pleased with the result.

I ditch stitched around the inner border and just finished with a diamond pattern across the quilt. I think the design is fussy enough so it didn’t need too much quilting.



  • Diamond Pattern.

  • I thought I would take a photo of the back. Should have hung it a bit better. I just need to iron it and send it off.