What is a Jelly Roll?


jelly roll
We have been asked a number times now, what is a Jelly Roll? So we put together a quick video to show you what you get in a Jelly Roll and what you can use it for.

Watch the video tutorial below

  • Jelly Roll is a term coined by the Moda company for rolls of fabric that measure 2 ½” in width.
  • These strips are cut across the width of the fabric and vary from 42″ – 44″.
  • There are generally 40-42 strips in a Jelly Roll, but this can also vary, sometimes you may get 44 strips.
  • A Jelly Roll of 40 gives you approx. 2¾ yards of fabric.


So why is it called a Jelly Roll?

  • Well when the strips are wound up and neatly bound with a fabric tie, it looks like a Jelly Roll.


  • Remove the fabric strip that binds the strips together.
  • You can use these fabric ties in your projects, I have even seen a quilt made from these ties.


  • Unroll the strips.


  • The strips are color co-ordinated and will all be from one designer.
  • Moda has a number of fabulous designers and among my favorites are Blackbird Designs, Me and My Sister, 3 Sisters and Barbara Brackman, but these are just a few of the talented designers that create the awesome range of Moda fabrics and Pre-cuts.


So what a Jelly Roll does for you?

  • It saves you from having to find a number of different fabrics that are color-coordinated.
  • It saves you having to cut all the strips – which can be time-consuming.
  • It can be used for quilts, bags, clothing, table runners and cushion covers, in fact, any project that requires 2½” strips.

Where Can I Buy a Jelly Roll

Here are some examples of projects we have made using Jelly Rolls.

Easy Jelly Roll Race Quilt