Easiest Ever No-Sew Dog/Cat Bed Tutorial

No Sew Dog/Cat Bed
Paula’s puppy dog Bronnie was in need of a new dog bed. We went shopping and looked at a few and then thought, “What are we doing, we can easily make her one.” So that’s what we did.

In our video, we show you how you can easily make a no-sew dog bed or a cat bed. And you can make it in any size you want. It doesn’t matter if you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, simply adjust the size of the square to match your dog.

Watch the video tutorial below or scroll down for the written instructions

Tools and Equipment Used in this Video

What You Need

  • 2 x  34″ x 34″ squares of Polar Fleece.

No Sew Dog/Cat Bed

  • You can use the same color front and back or contrasting.

there are generally no rules with our tutorials, just do whatever suits you.  If there is a rule, we will tell you.

  •  Do not use open weave fleece such as coral fleece as it will fray too much and won’t hold up to the fringe tying let alone you puppy playing with it.

No Sew Dog/Cat Bed


  • Lay the 2 pieces of fleece WRONG sides together.
  • Measure a 4″ square on the corner and cut out this square using scissors or a rotary cutter.
  • Do this for all four corners.
  • Lay your ruler along the fabric 4″ from the edge,  lining it up with the cutout corner.

No Sew Dog/Cat Bed


  • Now with your scissors cut 1″ strips using your ruler as a guide.
  •  You can, if you wish draw a line 4″ from the edge, all the way around the bed, and then draw in your 1″ lines, but really there is no need to do this.  Just eyeballing the measurements works fine,  believe me, your dog will never notice if the fringe is a bit out here and there.

No Sew Dog/Cat Bed

  • Once you have cut the fringe strips on all 4 sides, it’s time to knot the fringe pieces together.
  • Take the top fringe and the matching bottom fringe piece and knot them together. You can use an overhand or underhand knot, just make sure that you tie each of them the same way.

No Sew Dog/Cat Bed

  • Tie the fringe strips in the manner explained above, along three sides. When you get to the last side only tie off about 4 or 5 fringe strips from each end.
  • We need to leave room for the stuffing.
  • We used fiber fill but you can use a cushion insert or foam chips if you wish.

No Sew Dog/Cat Bed

  • Once you have filled the cavity with your choice of filling, tie off the remaining fringe strips.

No Sew Dog/Cat Bed


All done. Now how easy was that?