We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board Review

envelope-punch-boardWow, what can we say? The We R Memory Keepers, Envelope Punch Board works a treat.

It is so easy to use and one of the things we really like is being able to make envelopes for those ‘sometimes’ odd sized cards we make.

So how easy is it to use.

Firstly you need to decide on the size of the envelope that you need.

There is a handy guide on the board itself that tells gives you the information, so look down the column that says Card Size and the next column tells you what size paper you need to create the envelope for that particular size of card.  The last column tells you where you need to line up your paper on the board before cutting it.

Because we are in Australia, our punch board came with a handy sheet in centimeters as the measurements on the board are in inches.   Which we don’t mind as we are quilters we are used to working in inches.

Watch the video below

How to Make an Envelope:

  1. Select your card size
  2. Cut your paper to the size indicated on the board i.e. if you need a 5″x 6″ envelope cut your paper to 9″ x 9″
  3. Slide the paper under the Punch and align the left edge to the score line measurement – in our example that will be the 4¼” line.
  4. Press on the big blue button to Punch the paper.
  5. Create a score line using the scoring tool
  6. Rotate the paper 90º COUNTER CLOCKWISE (most important)
  7. Align the SCORE MARK you just made with the Score Guide
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 for all 4 corners.
  9. Round the corners using the Reverse Punch on the back of the board
  10. Fold and Glue.

It’s really simple to do. And we can see ourselves getting a lot of use from this product.

The Scoring knife tucks nicely into the side of the board so you won’t lose it.