Crafty Tools n Tips: Fiskars Tag Maker & Eyelet Setter – Review & Demonstration

We recently purchased the Fiskars Tag Maker & Eyelet Setter because we like the idea of being able to quickly make a gift tag and easily insert an eyelet to finish it off. Fiskars does have a number of different tag designs available, so we chose the one we thought we would use more often.

Watch the video demonstration below

So What Did We Find?

The Fiskars Tag Maker punch cuts a nice clean line through the cardstock.

  • Place your cardstock into the large slot, turn the punch over so that you check that your card is completely covering the hole.  And press down on the punch lever.
  • Now insert the punched-out tag into the smaller slot and push it in as far as it will go.
  • Press down on the punch lever to cut out the eyelet hole.

Putting in the eyelet was a little tricky to start with as there are no instructions but once we worked it out the eyelet went in fine.

So what you need to do is push one of the eyelets that are provided with tag maker, through the card with the right side facing, this only applies if you have a double-sided card with a pretty pattern on the front that you want to showcase.

Place the hole with the eyelet pushed through, onto the eyelet setter and press down as hard as you can on the punch lever.

I found that I had to stand up and push down as hard as I could to get the eyelet to sit snuggly into the hole. On the first couple of attempts, I didn’t push hard enough and the eyelet didn’t set properly and simply spun around in the hole.  So give those muscles a workout and push down as hard as you can.