Frixion Pen Review: Fabric Pens for Quilters

I’m not sure where we found out about Frixion pens but we are so glad we did. These are awesome for drawing seam lines on fabric.

These pens weren’t originally made for fabric and in fact,  I don’t think Pilot even mentions using them on fabric, but they work brilliantly and we use them pretty much exclusively for marking the  lines on our fabric.

The video shows how these work, but essentially you draw on your fabric  and when you want to remove the line or mark you simply iron over it. The marks are removed instantly.

Bear in mind, that you will still see some ghosting marks but they are barely noticeable and you only really notice them on some fabrics.  Because of the ghosting, you wouldn’t really want to use this on an art quilt or a quilt that you are going to put into a show.

We really only use the pens on the wrong side of the fabric anyway so you would never see it.

The other issue with these pens is that, when the temperature hits 14 degrees  Fahrenheit (-10 Celsius) the marks will reappear. However, they can be easily removed by ironing again. But really, unless you live in extremely cold climates or you put your fabric in the freezer, you won’t ever see those marks ever again.

We use them all the time and highly recommend them. They make a nice crisp line…so much better than a chalk line as it is clear and easy to see.

Where Can You Buy Frixion Pens?

You can buy Frixion pens in a pack of 8 from Amazon.  Also, most stationery stores should stock these like Staples in the US, and OfficeWorks in Australia.