EASY No-Knit Scarf Tutorial: Soft and Cuddly

Make yourself a soft and cuddly no-knit scarf with all you left over bits and pieces of thread, wool, fabric, feathers etc. We absolutely love making these no-knit scarves. It’s what we do when we are feeling stressed or we’ve just had enough for the day and don’t want to think too much about anything.

They are super easy to make and you can be as creative as you like. The results are fantastic and people always comment on how beautiful they are.

Watch the Video to see how to make a soft and cuddly scarf

To make these scarves you will need:

A variety of the following:

  • wool threads
  • fabric scraps
  • Angelina fiber (optional)
  • wool roving
  • thread scraps

It does require a bit of sewing to put it all together but as long as you can sew a straight line on a sewing machine, you can do this. And to be honest, the lines don’t even have to be straight, so even if you are an absolute beginner you will be able to do this.