Snuggle Blossom Crib Quilt- Our First Quilt Pattern

We recently spent some time designing and writing up the full instructions for our very first quilt pattern. The Snuggle Blossom Crib Quilt pattern is now available in our Alanda Craft Store.

Usually the best part about making a quilt is choosing the fabric. But in this case we designed the pattern first and then chose the fabrics. We made two quilts, one in soft, muted toning of blues and grey.The second is in vibrant colours using purple and green. We just wanted to test how well the quilt would adapt to the different colour variations. And I have to say I think it works really well in either.

This is a crib sized quilt, so it will make a lovely gift for a new mum-to-be, or for your own new family addition.

snuggle-blossom-crib-quilt, quilting, craft, sewing

This is the vibrant version. It hasn’t been quilted as yet, but I will upload photos once it has been done.