Readers Projects

Readers Project: Gauri’s Charm Square Tote Bag
Note from Alanda Craft: What a great idea. Gauri has made our charm square tote bag tutorial from left over dress material. It's[...]
Readers Project: A Kaffe Fasset Scrap Quilt Made by Barbara
Note from Alanda Craft: Here is Barbara's latest quilt using up the Kaffe Fasset scraps from her other quilts.  I[...]
Readers Project: Barbara’s Quilts & Kitty Mats
Note from Alanda Craft:  I honestly haven't seen anyone run with a new craft like Barbara has. She is a veritable quilting[...]
Readers Project: More Lovely Quilts From Barbara
Note from Alanda Craft: Here are some more lovely quilts from Barbara, this girl is on a roll.  Each quilt[...]
Readers Project: Joan’s Charm Square Quilt
Note from Alanda Craft: Joan shows us just what you can do with fabric you have had for a long[...]
Readers Project: LisaMarie’s African Animals Tote Bag
Note From Alanda Craft: I love the African animals that LisaMarie has featured on her tote bag, and the co-ordinating fabric[...]
Readers Project: Jamie’s Charm Square Tote Bag
Note from Alanda Craft: Oh wow, aren't these fabrics  that Jamie has chosen for her Charm Square Tote Bag just[...]
Readers Project: Barbara’s Quilts for Friends & Family
Note from Alanda Craft: You may remember Barbara's Nautical Themed Quilt that she made back in August, well Barbara has really gotten[...]
Readers Project: Lorna’s Easy Envelope Cushion Cover
Note from Alanda Craft:- Lorna's cushion cover is just spectacular. What a great idea to turn our Easy Envelope Cushion Cover[...]
Readers Project: Maria’s Boomerang Bag – Charm Square Tote Bag
Note from Alanda: Oh wow, I just love this charm bag that Maria had made from fabric she got from[...]
Readers Project: Jennifer’s Big Craft Bag
Note from Alanda Craft: I just love the fabric that Jennifer has chosen, it never fails to amaze me how[...]
Readers Project: Marieke’s Cat in the Hat Tea Towel Bag
Note from Alanda Craft: This is Marieke's first bag and I think it looks great. I'm a big fan of Dr[...]
Readers Project: Barbara’s Nautical Themed Quilt & More
Note from Alanda Craft: Barbara has adapted the pattern and added a couple of rows of rectangles in with the[...]
Readers Project: Cindy’s ‘Under the Sea’ Rag Quilt
Note from Alanda Craft: How cute is Cindy's 'Under the Sea' rag quilt.  What a great theme for a little girl. after all[...]
Readers Project: My First Quilt by Lisa – Go the Bronco’s
Note from Alanda Craft: And here we have a true blue Broncos fan. Lisa has created her quilt from our[...]
Readers Project: Su’s Three Tea Towel Bag
Note from Alanda Craft: Don't you just love the tea towels that Su has chosen for her bag. And the fabric[...]
Readers Project: Mike’s Snail Trail Quilt
Note from Alanda Craft: A big thank you to Mike for sending this one in. Doesn't it look awesome. Just two[...]
Readers Project: Sharyn’s Baby Rag Quilts
Note From Alanda Craft:  Oh Wow, don't Sharyn's rag quilts look amazing.  I love both quilts, they look really great, and I do[...]
Readers Project: Sharyn’s Mothers Day Patchwork Cushion Covers.
Note from Alanda Craft: I absolutely adore these cushion covers that Sharyn has made for her mother for Mother's Day. She adapted our[...]
Readers Project: Gabrielle’s Charm Square Bag
Note From Alanda Craft: Charm squares come in a range of beautiful designs and you can see an example in Gabrielle's lovely charm[...]
Readers Project: Ann’s Gypsy Velvet Bag
Note from Alanda Craft: Who doesn't love the silky smooth feel of velvet. But as we all know velvet can be[...]
Readers Project: Jilly’s Charm Square Tote Bag
Note from Alanda Craft: I love this idea from Jilly. Such a smart way to use up those leftover jelly[...]
Readers Project: Nina’s Embroidered Patchwork Tote Bag
Note from Alanda Craft: I am so loving these photos of the patchwork  charm square bag with embroidered squares that Nina[...]
Readers Project: Nina’s Couched Patchwork Tote Bag
Note from Alanda Craft: Nina has added a twist to the Couched Patchwork Tote Bag by adding some lovely embroidered squares. I do love[...]
Readers Project: Joe’s Super Cute Moda Charm Square Tote Bag
Note from Alanda Craft: I love these crazy quilt charm squares that Joe uses in his tote bags.  This is[...]
Readers Project: Leann – My first ever lap quilt
Note from Alanda Craft: How bright and colourful is Leann's first ever lap quilt! I really like this mix of colours,[...]
Readers Project: Sue’s Left Overs Tote Bag
Note from Alanda Craft: Now this is what I call creative thinking.  Sue made a String/Strip quilt and she used the left overs to make this[...]
Readers Project: Mike’s Baby Quilt -The Binding Tutorial works!!!
Note from Alanda Craft: Awesome! the 'Table Runner that Grew'.  You will remember Mike's previous quilting projects from Christmas when he made[...]
Readers Project: Sue’s Gorgeous String Quilt
NOTE from Alanda Craft: Isn't Sue's quilt absolutely gorgeous. It just goes to show what you can do with your[...]
Readers Project: Joe’s Crazy Quilt Tote Bag
Note from Alanda Craft: It never fails to amaze me how many ideas people come up with for making our couched[...]
Readers Project: Mike’s Blue & Silver Christmas Table Runner
Note from Alanda Craft: Once you get the quilting bug, it's hard to stop and Mike has definitely caught the bug.[...]
Reader’s Project: Mike’s Christmas Table Runner
Note from Alanda Craft: Mike from One Hook Productions created his Christmas Runner from  our Christmas Table Runner  tutorial. Doesn't Mike's table runner look[...]
Readers Project: Donna’s Variable Star Wedding Photo Queen Size Quilt
Note from Alanda Craft: Oh Wow. don't you just love Donna's interpretation using our Variable Star Quilt Block tutorial.  It just[...]
Readers Project: Bel’s Improv Checkerboard Charm Square Tote bag
Note from Alanda Craft: Bel shows how easy it is to adapt our Checkerboard Charm Square tote bag tutorial and[...]
Readers Project: A Delightful Charm Square Bag by Viv
Note from Alanda Craft: Wow, doesn't Viv's bag look great.  Love the colours, Moda really do have some awesome designs.[...]
Readers Project: Sara’s Baby Quilt – New Mexico Quilt Block Baby Quilt
Note from Alanda Craft: Isn't this baby quilt just gorgeous? Sara has done an awesome job. She made this quilt using the[...]
Readers Project: Jeanene’s Version of the Easiest Quilt for Beginners
Note from Alanda Craft: We are always delighted to see how unique each of these quilts look. Jeanene's quilt is so[...]
Readers Project: A birthday surprise! Joanne’s Homeward Bound Quilt
Note from Alanda Craft: We absolutely love this awesome quilt make by Joanne from our Homeward Bound Quilt Block Tutorial.[...]
Readers Project – Patricia’s Star Flower Blocks and Austin Star Quilt block
Note from Alanda Craft:  I love how Patricia's Star Flower Block looks so different with the introduction of a third[...]
Readers Project: Patricia’s Star Flower Quilt Block (Unfinished)
Note from Alanda Craft: Doesn't Patricia's Star Flower Quilt Block look awesome. The fabric's she has used compliment each other so nicely. Patricia[...]
Readers Project: Victoria’s 3 Tea Towel Tote Bag
Note from Alanda Craft: Victoria  has shared her finished project made from our 3 Tea Towel Tote Bag Tutorial.  I[...]
Readers Project: Canvas tote bag by Geetha
  Note from Alanda Craft: You may remember Geetha"s lovely blue checkerboard bag that she shared with us recently, well[...]
Reader’s Project: Geetha’s Checkerboard bag
Note from Alanda Craft:-  Geetha has made her bag using our Checkerboard Tote Bag tutorial. I really like how you have put[...]
Readers Project: Pat’s Tea Towel Bags & Mobile Phone Bag
Note from Alanda Craft:  We received this lovely compliment in an email from Pat, one of our readers. After having the ego stroked,[...]
Reader’s Project: Joyce’s Blue Ribbon Bag
Note from Alanda Craft: Wow is that a First Prize Ribbon I see.  That's brilliant Joyce and thank you for sharing[...]
Readers Project: Easter Egg Tote Bag – Citrus Fruit
Note from Alanda Craft:  Don't you just love this bag that Beatrice has made from our  Easter Bag Tutorial. I[...]
Readers Project: Spencer’s Baby Quilt by Tina
Here is Spencer's finished quilt. I love the backing that Tina has used, it ties in so nicely with the[...]
Readers Project: Baby Quilt for a New Little Boy
Note from Alanda Craft:  Tina has shared her baby boy quilt that was based on our Easy Signature Quilt tutorial.[...]
Readers Project: Owl Charm Square Tote Bag by Andrea
Note from Alanda Craft:  My grandaughter  would absolutely love this tote bag, she is so totally into owls.  I love[...]
Readers Project: 3 Tea Towel Bag By Andrea
Note from Alanda Craft:  This project was submitted by Andrea and we think it is so effective in its simplicity[...]
Readers Project: Beautiful String Quilt From Yvette
Note from Alanda Craft: This beautiful string quilt was made by Yvette from our String Quilt Tutorial. Don't you just love the[...]
Readers Project: Easy Charm Square Tote Bag
NOTE from Alanda Craft:  One of  our lovely readers, Sheila made her bag from our Charm Square Tote Bag Tutorial. We[...]
Readers Project:- Flower Card from the Bundle Pack #2 Pack
NOTE from Alanda Craft:- Sue from Queensland in Australia made this lovely card using the Brother Scan n Cut cutting files[...]
Readers Project:- My Easter Bag From the Tutorial
NOTE from Alanda Craft:- Our readers project from Cindy was made from our cute Easter tote bag tutorial.  Now we think[...]
Readers Project: Three Tea Towel Tote Bag
NOTE from Alanda Craft:- This project from Daisy,  was made using our  tea towel tutorial and we think the final[...]
Readers Project – Michelle’s Big Craft Bag
Michelle from Canada has sent us pictures of her completed craft bags, she made two of them and they look great.[...]