Readers Project: Sue’s Left Overs Tote Bag

By Alanda / February 25, 2017

Note from Alanda Craft: Now this is what I call creative thinking.  Sue made a String/Strip quilt and she used the left overs to make this awesome tote bag. She also used strips of the quilted fabric to make the handles, such a great idea, even if, as Sue Says, it  was a little bit challenging. I think the orange lining really sets the bag off.  Your bag looks awesome Sue, I will keep this in mind for a future scrap busting project. Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us.

Sue Says:

I had a few squares left over from my quilt so I thought I would tackle a Tote Bag. I used Alanda’s videos on tote bags and the one for handles. Of course I never do anything just the way it’s supposed to be done so the handles were a bit of a challenge as I used strips of quilt squares for the front of them. Quarter inch Stitch Witchery worked great. I needed a pop of color so I used an orange pattern on the inside from an old sheet to bring out that tiny little corner on one of the squares. Can you even imagine sleeping on orange? Thanks again Alanda.



Sue’s Strip Quilted Tote Bag


The Lining


The Front or the Back


The Back or the Front