Readers Project: Sharyn’s Mothers Day Patchwork Cushion Covers.

Note from Alanda Craft: I absolutely adore these cushion covers that Sharyn has made for her mother for Mother’s Day. She adapted our Charm Square Cushion Cover tutorial and I love how the smaller squares really bring out the old world charm of these fabrics. Your  cushion covers look awesome Sharyn and I just know you mum will really appreciate your making these for her and there is not doubt that she is going to love them.  Thank you for sharing your photos with us, and thank you so much for your lovely comment.

Sharyn Says:

I wanted smaller squares for my covers and I cut 25 squares @ 3 1/4 “. So my sizes were all a bit different but I still followed your tutorial all the way Anna managed to get a finished product. They are for my darling Mum to match her quilt which I made with out a pattern as I wanted an old world style quilt for mum. It’s far from perfect but mum loves it, and I hope she will love the cushions, she will get them for mother’s day. Thankyou for your wonderful tutorials Wanda and Paula, so easy to follow.