Quilting Tutorial: Easy Signature Quilt – Suitable for Beginners

If you have a special occasion coming up here is an easy to make signature quilt that will really be a hit with the recipient.

The white or cream strips give ample room for guest to write a message of congratulations, bon voyage or whatever else they wish to write.

You will really be surprised at how easy this is to make and you should get it done in a day or less.

The signature quilt in the video is made from 5″ squares with 2½” strips in between and around the edges. We used our June Taylor Shape Cut Pro to cut out our squares, it makes it so easy to cut the squares and the strips exactly to size. You can read our review on the ShapeCut Pro here.

We have used 5 contrasting  fabrics and used 5 squares across and 7 squares down.  You can make your quilt whatever width and length you want but you will need to adjust the amount of material for the backing and the batting accordingly.

We used beautiful Japanese style materials for this quilt. Now we made this quilt with material used from our stash and at the time we had no idea how much material was needed (we have rectified this and the fabric requirements are below) .

Fabric requirements:

You can use a charm pack and all the squares will be different colours or you can use your own fabric and design your quilt as we have done.

  • Colour 1:  ¼ yard
  • Colour 2:  ¼ yard
  • Colour 3:  ¼ yard
  • Colour 4:  ¼ yard
  • Colour 5:  ¼ yard
  • Sashing:  1 1/8 yards
  • Backing Fabric: 1 3/8 yard
  • Batting:  1 3/8 yards

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  • Joyce Cloud says:

    love this easy signature quilt thanks for sharing

  • Jerry Ann Haynam says:

    What a great idea for something that doesn’t take a long time to do!

  • Sheila says:

    Looks beautiful, and you make it easy to follow.
    Thank you for demonstration


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