Quilt Block Tutorials

Quilting Block Tutorial: Mosaic Pinwheel Block
The Mosaic Pinwheel Block is such an easy block to put together and it creates a beautiful effect. What You[...]
Quilt Block: Ribbon Star Quilt Block Tutorial
This block is just so easy to make. You can make a quilt by simply sewing a number of the[...]
Quilt Block: Fools Square Quilt Block
I really like  how this square comes together. I did start out doing the centre checkerboard in the usual way[...]
Quilt Block: Log Cabin Quilt Block Tutorial
This is an easy block as long as you make sure to place the strips in the right order. Start[...]
Quilt Block: Paths and Stiles Quilt Block Tutorial
Another easy quilt block that looks fantastic when it's put together. What I really love is the clean, fresh look[...]
Quilt Block: Propeller Quilt Block Tutorial
We have a  baby crib quilt pattern available in our store, using this lovely block. (see photos at the end[...]
Quilt Block: Arkansas Crossroads Quilt Block Tutorial
This would have to be a favourite quilt block for me. The Arkansas Crossroads Quilt Block is quick and easy[...]
Quilt Block: Hope of Hartford Quilt Block Tutorial
The Hope of Hartford block is a lovely block that looks nice when it is done with three different fabrics,[...]
Quilt Block: The Magic Quilt Block Tutorial
When this quilt block is made from a light and a dark fabric, it gives the illusion of being 3D.[...]
Quilt Block: Snail Trail Quilt Block Tutorial
This one is a a little more tricky than some of the blocks we have done previously, so it's probably[...]
Quilt Block: Variable Star Quilt Block
Another quick and easy quilt block with endless possibilities. This would make a lovely block with the centre piece fussy[...]
Quilt Block: Disappearing 9 Patch Block Tutorial
Here is another super easy quilt block tutorial. This one is so easy and it looks fabulous. Once you have[...]
Quilt Block: 3D Bow Tie Quilt Block
This has to be one of the quickest and easiest quilt blocks to make.  You will be able to run[...]
Quilt Block: Indian Meadow, Waves on the Sea and Variations
This is such a versatile block. It's made from Half Square Triangles and you can change the appearance simply by[...]
Quilt Block: Boat Block Tutorial
Such a cute block and so easy to make.   What you need: 4 @ 3" x 3"  squares for the[...]
Quilt Block: Homeward Bound Quilt Block Tutorial
So what you are going to need for the Homeward Bound quilt block is: 1 -  6" square color 1 1[...]
Quilt Block: Hourglass Variation Tutorial
This block is a variation on an Hourglass quilt block. It's really easy to make. You can see how easy[...]
Quilting Blocks: Hourglass Quilt Block – Quarter Square Triangle Quilt Block
  These quarter square triangle quilt blocks are ideal as fillers in you quilt or as a feature block. What[...]
Quilting Blocks: Starflower Quilt Block
This is a fairly easy block to make using half square triangles. Some people refer to this as a lemoyne[...]
Quilting Blocks: Square in a Square Quilt Block Tutorial
If you have never tried making the Square in a Square quilt block then you will probably be quite surprised[...]
Quilting Block: New Mexico Quilt Block – 30″
Just love this block. Apart from the fact that I think it looks great, it's so big that you only[...]
Quilting Blocks – Pinwheel Quilt Block
This is the easiest of the pinwheel blocks to make. It’s a basic block that can be made quickly and[...]
Quilt Block: Austin Star Quilt Block
Making quilt blocks can seem to be a daunting process for a beginner, but really it's just a matter of[...]
Quilt Block: Sister’s Choice Quilt Block
This is such a lovely block and its a lot easier to make than it first looks. Take a look[...]
How to Do the Math for the 8 Half Square Triangle Technique
We recently uploaded a video on our Quilting Blocks n Patterns YouTube channel on how to cut half-square triangles. One[...]
Quilting Blocks: How to Square Up a Half Square Triangle Block
So once you have made your half square triangles you will want to make sure they are square.  Nothing worse[...]
Quilting Blocks: Half Square Triangle
The Half Square Triangle is on of the most versatile of all the quilt blocks. You can use this block[...]
Quilting Blocks & Patterns – Our New YouTube Channel
We are really excited to announce our new YouTube channel 'Quilting Blocks & Patterns' that will be devoted to bringing you[...]