Quick & Easy Pot Holder Tutorial

By Alanda / February 2, 2018

This is a super quick sewing project and they make lovely gifts as you can make them all sorts of colours and sizes. We made ours using 10″ layer cakes but you can cut squares from your fabric stash to suit.

Quick and Easy Pot Mitt Tutorial - Fast Sewing Project


What You Need

  • 2 pcs fabric measuring 10″x10″
  • 1 pc quilting batting measuring 10″x10″
  • 1 pc Insul Bright (You can purchase from Amazon here)
  • 1 small piece of ribbon

Let’s Get Started

  • Place the the batting on top of the Insul Bright and then place one of the fabric pieces face up on top of the batting. Place the final piece of fabric on top face downwards.
  • You should now have a sandwich of 4 layers – Insul Bright, batting, fabric 1, fabric 2

easy pot mitts tutorial

  • Fold the ribbon in half and place in between the two fabric layers with the raw edges facing outward.

easy pot mitts tutorial

  • Pin around all the edges, leaving a gap of about 4 inches or so on one side. This will be the opening for when you turn the pot mitt through.
    (Note: The fabric of the colour changes here only because we had one already completed.)

easy pot mitts tutorial

  • Sew around the edge using a half inch seam ensuring that you leave the opening section free so that you can turn the pot mitt through.
    (Again, the fabric changes here as we used pot mitts already partially completed to speed up the video tutorial.)

easy pot mitt tutorial

  • Now we need to reduce some of the bulk from the sides.
  • Trim each of the corners as shown.

easy oven mitt tutorial

  • Trim back the batting and Insul Bright from each of the edges.

easy oven mitt tutorial

  • Turn the pot mitt through.

easy pot mitt tutorial

  • Once you have turned it through, push out the corners using a chopstick or you can use your scissors.
  • Give it all a press and ensure you press the opening down nicely as shown in the image below.

easy pot mitt tutorial

  • Top stitch around all four sides about 1/8″ around the edges. This will seal up the opening.
  • You can then stitch a cross in the middle to hold the layers together.

pot mitt tutorial

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Watch the Full Step-by-Step Pot Holder Tutorial