Our Oliso Pro Smart Iron Review

We have received many comments on the iron that we use in our tutorials.   The first time we saw someone using one of these irons we were blown away went it popped up. “How awesome is that” we squealed with delight.

No more burnt ironing mats, no more worrying if the iron had been turned off when we were miles from home and couldn’t do anything about it anyway. You know what it’s like, you can’t enjoy what you are doing as visions of the fire brigade breaking down your door to put out a fire started by your iron.

Of course we just had to have one. Being here in Australia we purchased ours from Sew Much Easier here in Australia.  But the Oliso Iron is readily available from Amazon for those in the USA.

Now I have to say that this is our second Oliso iron. We purchased the first one in March 2014 and around September 2015 the feet stopped working, although the iron still worked fine.  However, despite that, we loved the iron so much we bought a second one and this is the iron we are still using today.

So what are some of the features the Oliso Iron.

  • I guess the main feature for me is the iTouch Technology. This means that the iron detects your touch and lowers itself so that you can start ironing. The iron lifts itself onto the ‘feet’ when you let it go. So no more scorching your fabric.
  • The iron automatically shuts off if you leave it untouched for 30 minutes. So if you do forget to turn it off you won’t have to worry about it, as firstly it will be standing on the feet, well away from the fabric and secondly it will turn itself off. So this gives you peace of mind.
  • The Oliso has ‘OnePass Technology to make your ironing quick and easy. This is the extra-thick stainless steel soleplate which is also scratch resistant, meaning that the iron glides smoothly over the fabric as you iron.

oliso-iron-base-plate,iron review,

  • We have found that you need to touch the iron to have it heat up after leaving it on its feet for a while. You know what it’s like when you are quilting, you sew, then iron, then sew, well depending on how long it is since you did that last press, the iron may well have turned off, so simply touch it so that it goes into the down position and then let it go so it pops up again, and it will heat up nicely. If we don’t let it reheat, then it won’t iron out the wrinkles. It is 1800 watts so it does heat up really quickly.

oliso-iron-feet,oliso iron review

  • We like having three different choices for the steam: Continuous, Horizontal Burst, and Vertical Burst, and of course you can select no steam for those fabrics that don’t like steam.
  • Although it only appears to have a few steam holes, it actually gives out a lot of steam which is ideal for setting seams.

oliso-iron-steam-function,iron review,

  • I really like the side access water tank. It makes it really easy to fill up the water tank.

oliso-iron-water-fill,oliso iron review

  • And the 12′ long cord is brilliant. This is something I really appreciated and it has been a godsend as it makes is so easy to move the iron around the room when we are doing our tutorials.  It also as a 360º pivot so that the cord can be moved to the best possible position while you are ironing.

This iron has mixed reviews on Amazon, but speaking for myself, I am very happy with this iron. We use it in the studio constantly so it has done a lot of work over the time we have owned it.

Where Can You Buy the Oliso Pro Smart Iron?

The Oliso Iron is readily available from Amazon.

Watch our Video Review Here for the Oliso Pro Smart Iron