Janine Hilling Talks about Fabric & Men, Kitting & Yarns.

By Alanda / October 2, 2017

This afternoon I came across a couple of Podcasts by Janine Hilling on ABC Radio National, and I thought it was something I would like to share with you.

The Moth: Podcast Janine Hilling  talks about her experience in a ‘fabric wonderland’ store in Melbourne that was guarded by mafia-like stooges. I found her tale to be most amusing.

The second podcast is about men and knitting.  I found it interesting because I had an uncle who knitted back in the 1940′-1950’s. He was very adept with the needles and knitted himself vests, jumpers, cardigans and socks.  So I have never thought of knitting being a female only craft.

In this podcast Janine talks to Philip Perez a journalist who knits.

Men,Knitting & Yarns Podcast

I hope you enjoy listening to these Life Matters Podcasts.