Interview with Chris – The Long Arm Quilter

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Chris from Sew n Sew Sisters. Chris is a long arm quilter and we thought you might be interested to hear a bit about her quilting history and also to see her long arm machine in action.

During our chat we found out that there are a few things that you need to think about when getting a quilt professionally quilted.

For instance you need to make the batting and the backing at least 4″ wider ( all around) than the quilt top. This extra fabric and batting is needed so that your quilter has something to attach the tensioning wires to.

You also need to make sure you have enough backing.  When we had our first quilt done, we  didn’t even give it a thought, our backing wasn’t the wider backing that you generally use and it needed to be sewn together to make it big enough for the quilt, but we just took the material over. We now realise that we actually should sew the backing together before taking the quilt to be machined.

Chris told us how she determines what sort of design to use on the quilts. And I have to say she has been spot on with the quilts she has quilted for us.

We hope you enjoy hearing Chris’s quilting story and seeing her long arm machine in action.