How to Make Your Own Fat Quarters

By Alanda / October 18, 2017

If you have been making quilts or small sewing projects, then you have probably already heard of fat quarters. These are pieces of pre-cut, pre-packaged pieces of fabric that generally measure 18″ x 22″.

You can buy fat quarters at your local fabric store or online and there are usually plenty of colours, shades and hues to choose from. Even so, sometimes you may have a project on hand that calls for fat quarters and you may not have the right ones on hand, or you may want to use a particular fabric you already have in your stash, so in this video we show you how to cut your own.

What is a Fat Quarter?

  • It’s a piece of fabric measuring approximately 18″ x 22″ (46cm x 56cm).
  • Quilters  and patchworkers generally use fat quarters because of the shape and size. A normal quarter of a yard cut from a bolt would measure 9″ x 44″(112cm x23cm), so you can see why fat quarters are so much more useful for projects.

How to  Cut Your Own Fat Quarters.

  • Take ½ yard of fabric, that is still folded in half across the width of fabric.
  • It’s important to note that the long edge of the fabric should measure at least 22″ or more.

how to make fat quarters, cutting fat quarters

  • Open the fabric out.
  • You will see a fold line in your fabric. If your fabric has been folded perfectly, ie. the selvedges line up perfectly, then you can use that fold line as a guide to cut. If your fabric has not been folded correctly then simply measure 22″ along the long end and cut.

cut fat quarters, how to make fat quarters

  • You will now have two fat quarters.

Calculation for those working in Metric measurements

Here in Australia oftentimes, fat quarters are cut using a ½ metre of fabric. The fat quarters will be a slightly different as they generally measure 50cm x 55cm (20″ x 22″).