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How to Create Stencils (Using Stencil Plastic) with Your Brother Scan n Cut

By Alanda / December 6, 2014

One of the best things about the Brother Scan n Cut (at least in my opinion) is that you can cut out stencils with it. In the past, we had been using cardstock to cut out our stencils but as you can imagine, the cardboard doesn’t last very long after you’ve sprayed it a few time with ink sprays and painted it over with acrylics and various other mediums.

Brother Scan n Cut StencilsWe have been wanting to test it using stencil plastic for ages but the only stencil plastic we had on hand was a thick stencil plastic that we knew the Brother Scan n Cut would have trouble getting through. So when we found some thinner acetate at one of our local craft stores we couldn’t wait to get home and give it a try.

We were amazed to find that it worked perfectly but we also wanted to try some Mylar. Now Mylar comes in a range of thicknesses. We use a really thin Mylar which is like cellophane for our machine embroidery but the Mylar we ordered  to try out on the Brother Scan n Cut is a lot thicker and sturdier than that.

Since we didn’t know what thickness would actually work we ordered both a 4mils and a 5mils version. The thickness of Mylar plastic is expressed in 1000th of an inch although and it is called ‘mils’ it does not equate to  millimetres.

Well we were pretty happy with the result as both thicknesses worked beautifully. You can watch the video to see the results.

Note: we use a cutting blade size of 4, blade pressure of 0 and cut speed of 3 for both the Acetate and the Mylar.  We used a standard mat. Start with those settings and do a test cut to check that the mylar cuts cleanly for you.

We have created a number of free Brother Scan n Cut stencil files for you to download including a heart stencil, diamond stencil and an abstract lines stencil. Simply sign up to our newsletter and you will have immediate access to these and all our other Brother Scan n Cut downloads. We will be adding more stencils over time and if you have a particular type of stencil you would like then leave a comment and we will certainly make every attempt to make it for you.

Where Can You Buy Stencil Plastic!

We purchased our Mylar stencil sheets in Australia from www.youstencil.com.au. And  Mylar stencil sheets are readily available from Amazon.com

Brother Scan n Cut Tutorial - Making Stencils

  • Veronica says:

    Thank you so much for this information – it is exactly what I wanted to know. I would also be interested to know if you have any thoughts on how best to turn these stencils into embossing templates / folders…?

    Wonderful reference to an Australian supply company – thank you!

  • Marian Hughes says:

    For the mylar what speed did you use? Many thanks

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