How to Create Scoring Lines for Your Brother Scan n Cut

UPDATE: Since we created this video, Brother has introduced a new dash pattern option in their Canvas software that allows you to create scoring lines…awesome!! So although the method described in this video still works, you might also want to check out our updated video which explains how to use the newest method. This is the link to that video

One of the things we wished we had on the Brother Scan n Cut was a method of creating scoring lines without having to use an additional tool. We tried to do it by adjusting the blade on the ScannCut so that it wouldn’t cut completely through but it was a bit fiddly and wouldn’t always cut deep enough or worse yet, would cut so deep that it would cut the paper in half.

So when I saw Julie Fei Fan Balzers Instagram post saying she had figured out a way of creating perforated scoring lines using the borders in the Brother Scan n Cut Canvas software, I got all excited. Unfortunately, she didn’t provide any detail on how she did it (maybe a video is on the way) so I went into the Canvas software to see if I could figure it out for myself.

I managed to get something working by taking one of the borders, distorting it and deleting some of the shape itself and it worked. However, when it cut, it would cut each dash of the scoring line back and forwards. I didn’t like that, so I thought, there must be another way, so started to play around with some of the other tools.

I played around with the Path tool for a little while and this worked beautifully. In the video, you will see how we did it. So now we are able to create cards or boxes using the Scan n Cut AND include the perforated scoring lines at the same time…woohooo!!!!!